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Riley's at the time People like that and I was working. I was my that was my summer job and then I and then I found about snow valley through a mutual friend. Also work these camps up. There was like holy cow Country Club nothing cooked wooden camps. Where Country Club but The First Session of Snow Valley was six. Am The last game. Went off at midnight. You know so it was I REMEMBER TRAVELERS. Sam's coming out and saying hey to campers as four hundred campers there Sleep is overrated. Now's the first line every leak it campaign the campaign go crazy and then Yeah it was it was solid. That's for sure. Yeah I first day and a half. No basketball right. You do shooting drills no basketball footwork defense spacing all a little things. This isn't this honest question. I don't know if you know the answer. They still have. They sold Snow Valley The the Westmont version of it and she to the Nike camps whatever and there's also one at UC Santa Barbara. There's one in Iowa I've been told some of the same coaches run. It are there this summer. Are there any other basketball camps like that around period and are there any basketball camps that are going to be around this summer no? I don't think that they're number one on Snow Valley. I'm not sure what happened to it. I I believe that and I don't WanNA speak completely out of place here. Doug but I believe that snow valid there was a guy named Don Show Walter. Who's very very heavy with With USA basketball and he used to work Tremendous person and used to work Coach witness camps.

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