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Metaphorically speaking. He's stroking that'd be clarence carter clarence good. God clarence qatar boy. So we'll see Oh award got heart. I like it when we get a hard early on. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and it's not just the air conditioning that's not really cooling room like we're getting new air conditioning. Here darling new media it's coming lynch. Landlord has promised at the landlord's part of the building actually hotter than it is here. So you definitely get priority coming up on the show today. We have a super sized. Fuck that guy. A lot of guys tenth anniversary. Fuck that guy. the The my pillow. Mike lindell has some thoughts about why his better business bureau rating has dropped so precipitously recipient asli. Oh boy hey jason. Could you grab that remote behind you on that shelf because the screensaver just came on on the samsung go perfect. I don't want that bouncing around the tenth anniversary. I want this to be as well as professional as that's going to be so. Yeah very excited in here earlier. Today we had the nor cow real estate show which which is on. Fire the higgin. But i mean like the markets on five the. Yeah absolutely and the higgins team has their own podcast to talk about things you should think about when you're buying or selling a home that sort of thing so super excited to have them on board they're one of our newer clients and just recorded their fourth today and everybody wants to come in and it's like i wanted to be great. I wanted to be great. Tell you after ten years of doing this. Your first episode is not going to be great. I don't care who you are. Your first episode is going to have things that when you go back and listen to it. You're like oh. I wish i had done that differently. I wish i'd done that differently. I mean you're tenth one to you. Just get to a point where you kind of go. Yeah okay that. I'll listen back now. Be like oh. I shouldn't have done that. But salabi episode eight hundred forty eight hundred and forty so before we go further. I wanted to talk to kareem out this before. We're thinking about renaming the show. Okay jason and i talked about that It's a surprise though. Talked about it after the show. If kareem is okay with it then next week we may have a new name for the show. But if you're already a subscriber you will not have to change anything it will still come to. You just may be called something different. With different artwork it's cetera et cetera. But you will not have to resubscribe or do any of that sort of shit. If you watch it on youtube you may have to go to a different place but that will all be explained. It'll all be explained if i have time if we if we. It's the last show of june two nasa lies. July's here almost on top of us right on top of us so we were not here last week for a couple of reasons. Kareem was not here. He was on the east coast. And we'll talk about that. In just a second and then i had some big doings on tuesday and it was just a lot. A lot of things happening. My mother-in-law was coming to town. She's about this week right now. 'cause i gotta shoot tomorrow too. So she's the best awesome. I had the best mother-in-law mother-in-law's shit mother ma death match bro. Oh my mother. My mother-in-law will shoot your mother-in-law in the face purview in my mother-in-law escalated quickly and then my mother-in-law will make cookies having face to face. I'm just really excited if you look on the desk in front of green and jason. That's kareem's mouse. That's been here for a month now. I really hope he takes it with. I didn't see it. Lhasa apso roaming mouse building. I i made way more evident this this time than last time kareem was here because i had it off to the side and i got busy so i didn't put it in the studio had it off to the side. And he didn't clearly he doesn't miss. It looked for the last time. But i didn't see it. I forget what usually uses his left hand anyways when he's on like i learned how. Well no i. I always mouse with right hand. I learned how to do something else with the left we've covered. Oh that's early on listened to like one of the first few episodes all their way back all there all right so Kareem let's start with you. You had a lot that went on with your trip. Back east Let's talk about it. Whatever you're comfortable with okay. So i went Went to alabama and to north carolina and went to alabama for my friend. Milton's wedding Is a beautiful small wedding. It was only five of us including the minister in the wedding. And it was probably about ten people in the audience and then we did twos Zoom so 'cause most of his folks are back here and a lot of her friends are back here because they both met out here so we did a to zoom parties at two galleries in sacramento and Like other people so So that was cool. It was interesting. 'cause i ended up having having to help with zoom because the bride's sister was familiar with is stuff. Okay so But there was a lot of crying. Wait till the honeymoon because so she gave him a picture of what ebony cover from. Nineteen sixty nine k which was of black jesus which was a painting by the artist. Who did all the art for good times. Ernie barnes And he had been looking for that painting for. I mean it Cover for forever and so So he cried because of that and then the other part was So me and him were on our way to the wedding was at their gallery so we were on our way to the gallery a and he said i gotta make a stop and i was like okay so i'm following him and we ended up at the cemetery in so he gets out of the car and he goes to her father's grave in s her father for her hand in marriage in so He does that he comes back and we go and we do our thing in so he tells this story during the reception and the people that didn't cry with she gave him her gift cried when he told that story Beautiful story beautiful wedding and the significance of ebony piece was He created a an exhibit for her in honor of his wife. That was based off. Ebony magazine covers the movies. So that was that So it was great time. Congratulations milton me. Congratulations can yes. And then i had to go to north carolina to visit my folks because my niece died right Two weeks ago or three weeks ago now and her funeral was saturday. I missed it. But i went to check in with her kids and a family because i'm close to her kids so that was A little you know that was as much as it could be with A lot of intense emotions in a trip in a trip. Yeah and then. I had to be at the airport. I had to get up at three o'clock in the morning and be airport to get there early on monday so by the time i actually got to where i was going i was kinda way down right so the all the visiting i had planned on doing that. Even in canada Got.

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