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Rebounding from Thomas. What's good basketball joke by the way? Thank you totally intentional. It just doesn't make sense is to me in any like it just makes sense to ever try and have enemies in this. Like what is the plane. Yeah I agree We do get to play game. We have some games. Yes today's game is there wasn't some games. The Games are fun. This game was a little slow. There wasn't too much controversy here But but they're usually pretty fun. The first the first person was Tina. Turner in Chris's She's the Queen of Rock and she has the most famous legs. Famous legs Makes Sense Queen of Rock. I don't know honestly I don't I don't understand the famous thing. I don't know how to explain it but like when I heard that I was like I think it's Tina Turner is I don't know yeah. I like usually with a question like that. I'm like okay. Well maybe like the other straight guys won't get it but they all did and so I was like I'm just I'm just I'm just lost one. I'm sorry guys. Martina watch more youtube videos of Tina. I didn't know all the other ones though. Meghan Markle Paul Spiderman he says toby. Maguire made this character popular. Or whatever and Chris Listen Toby Maguire the name of a movie thinking of Choir Jerry Maguire. That's it was fun. I like these. I love to see the character moments. Anything Games like this is good for that. Yeah.

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