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The real estate you're buying the financing behind it the cash flow what's the cap rate right this stuff down you know what i'm talking about go research it if you're gonna buy investment proper you better figure out the cap rate if the cav rate's not good you walk away can't tell you how many people i talk to all the time even though a cab rate means oh get real estate if you don't understand what you're doing another idea to focus on is cash flow instead of rate of return again cash flow instead of rate of return focus on the cash flow your investments generated as opposed to the reiter return they promise or average here's the concept when you retire you're going gonna need income and in investments cashflow represents the amount of income you may expect to generate on an annual basis and this is money that you're going to spend and live on in cash low comes from these kind of things right this down dividends payments that come from say and insurance type policy that are backed up by the claims paying ability of that particular company again you can hear the detail we gotta get into these things to see what's all about cds pay interest is are not without risk though treasuries you've seen this week there's been volatility so figure out what sort of maturity make sense of what kind of interest rate makes sense and again make some interest on your money don't just let it sit there earned zero that does nothing for.

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