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If you type eight zero zero eight five and two calculator upside down says boobs, that's a little precocious free. Are you aren't doing that when you're eight oh no chance you pussy? I don't remember what eight was it was I was looking to boot. So, don't you self use your left hand? More boobs upside down. It's actually pretty good. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I think eight Carol. Yeah. There's nothing you hoops at eight ties I was very good. I like your thinking NBA. This is this is the story of my life was like up until eighth grade. I was I was destined for. We've talked kid I was six four eighth grade. So basketball eighth grade your Magic Johnson, you're playing on this. I was like dude, this is this is the greatest thing ever going to the league like this. And then I just kept getting older, and everyone started getting taller, and I was like, what is happening? And here we are. And I'm six four now. All right. So, so they just great. I was huge. Yeah. There's a lifeless. That's huge. I wear I wore it here. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I shaved in sixth grade, I was shaving sixth grade. You don't want them. So going up to like twelve thirteen you don't want to be the first kid with the arbiter. So we see the whole reason I have a beard right now is because in sixth grade, I had, I was the first kid to shave and I wore a badge of honor. We're like in school. Everyone knew me is like the guy who could select in seventh grade, then I had to grow up like a little goatee. And everyone's like that's so tight that the guy we have a kid on our basketball tonight, fucking goatee. You look back weird kid, though. No. I would just like hit puberty at, like five years old normal, normal age. Surprise you became a guard. No, I don't wanna like normally you guys are like just the worst centers who are great and pick. Right. Yeah. Well, I grew up in Indiana shoot a little bit. But that was gravel. Yeah. Yes. All through high school in highschool, Fulco stays my beard out in like that was part of it and all my friends like this is so awesome that we have a guy on our football team that comes out to shake hands at, like the coin toss. Fucking full beard. Yep. As and then that's just like became identity guy, you might still have a here because of you might be like Vlad Guerrero and your parents, ever told. Yeah. You're two years older than you really make a lot of sense that, like when I was when I was in eighth grade, I was actually like twenty six and that's why I'm so good. High school girls hitting you up and stuff. Yes, I I remember in eighth grade dumped in a game. And my brother was in high school at the time and my brother's, like riding the bench and high school, and I'm in eighth grade donkey, and, like we would I would go to my brother would have a party at his house, and like all his friends will come over and the girls were hitting on me as an eighth grader because they're like, we heard about the thing. Dog heard you thirty five last night. I was like. Man life can be so tight for me that works the pinnacle right there. So peak, then don't peak early. Don't be the first one to grow facial hair suck at a lot of stuff when you're in eighth grade. Yeah. Or if you're six four and you play basketball and your eighth grade don't forget the guard skills, Yes. not. Do not if you gave advice to a thirteen year old right now. Like if I even vice my own thirteen like, make sure you stash all the playboy I was gonna say thirteen year old guys is just all about Boehner manage, right? But now it's worn what do you mean?.

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