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And they have all these luxury lounges and quite frankly i'd be in the lounge to so if you're a big jay journalist and you get off on sending us pictures out what pdi frick do good for you i hope you've got all the retreats you wanted in the most importantly dave and they will take a break here shanahan on 56 man this sk you talk about dynamic and they need him back for seattle in the worst gone away you know what i'm saying dave shanahan on foster's injury status may was more optimistic than alone to sort out more tests and stuff gonna return i'm sort of ankle injuries raffle want to the devil's better that ictsi of their way of extra of it thought at first possibly tivi and stuff that came out at father was a negative but i was gonna to go back in the game and then rueben foster shortly thereafter he spoke with them he you know this is going to sound like a weird kind of observation and i'm okay with adam secure in my masculinity rubin foster has beautiful eyes dave he has beautiful eyes and assam bit complacent football come on bag rubin if we gotta watch this team fifteen more times i want to see out their flying around dude getting it people mad so who knows if he'll be back with see atal wasn't a tibia it was an ankle and we'll see if we can get out there and run around hey you know what i'd say tape it to hell up mummify it give a little help give a little medication and get ready to take on rawls and lacey in and pro size and that week seattle off nc line are coming back on their said we see at eight eight await knbr allow a grades have been given people are coming at todd husak for stanford melting down saturday at the cult's whiteside husak he played for the cardinal i know he's rarely ever get a challenge the powers that be down there don't you becoming a todd husak on my watch all right we see that we're going to get screen your calls in and get you on next on these sports leader shower our on knbr sixty.

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