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NFC have an open door for the raw smackdown rosters this week if they don't be eight up in the ratings and like you said you're already feels it's for wwe. What's her game? What what else do they have plant? I mean well my friend I wanNA thank you very much for the call. I mean if you're asking about plans about plans I mean hello. There are no plans but if annex t beats awa this week I mean that's obviously the the question then what I mean. Clearly the open door policy is here in storyline because we've got survivor series on Sunday. But if they beat a w does anybody think that they're not going to have main Rosser talent on annex t every single week and it's just GonNa be a third main roster brand. Is Anybody think that's not going to happen if they don't I mean think about this. They didn't announce who is going to be there. They only said it was an open door policy. So if they lose to a w this week does anybody not think they're going to announce that Roman in Raines and Seth rollins and rock listener and the absolute biggest stars are now going to be an annex t on Wednesdays. What is the endgame I mean? I can't can't imagine that they win or lose. I can't imagine them just going back to regular annex t after this maybe they will but I think I think you've opened the door quite frankly. The open door policy is now an open door. I think it's permanent. What here's the thing? What if you open that door and and nobody is there well? That would be pretty weird but I did see that last night on raw. I was flabbergasted it's like a WCW legal eight. I'm not making this. I'm not making this up for eight months. Alastair black has been begging for someone to knock on his door and pick a fight with him for eight months now so last night buddy murphy walks up and knocks on his door any weights. He waits and he just walks off nobody answered and after he's gone the door flies open and also black sticks his head out and he's all confused was that what was that noise on my door. I'm not making this up. That was a segment last night. He's DORK and I. They regulated it to who adore and he seemed to be one of those guys who was a no brainer when he came up. And when did he come up. Mania knows before that it was the it was royal rumble time was it not you know it was is that far back. He and ricocheted came up and they were randomly put together as a team. I I don't Sirocco answered the question. And they rustled olden. Things seemed like they were going to change and then they just never changed because I guess they don't know what they're doing with him but they want him on. TV so they have him in a room where he mumbles the same stuff over and over and he doesn't pay the light bill and maybe the AO P is in the closet next door and they don't answer the door but the AARP's able to early what else to brush..

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