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We're talking a potential of I think four first round corners. I think three may end up going and one draw. Steady early second. And then I think door you could have seven eight quarters go in the second round. Wow. Really? Yeah. And the things would be joined love Notre Dame Justin lane. Michigan state Trayvon Molin. Clemson Lonnie Johnson junior Kentucky, Joe one Williams. Vanderbilt Omonia Roya from Penn State, David long, Michigan. And there's a host and we're going to get to it next week. That's why we didn't go the fence of backs together because it's not fair safeties. You could have more safeties in the first two rounds in corners. So we're going to get the safeties next week for that reason. There you go any Kennedy, by the way going to join us we're coach at ole miss current ES college basketball analyst, we'll get you back to the final four here in just a minute. Real quick. I didn't want to say this. Sure. Your level of happiness. With the Baltimore Orioles being above five hundred seven games in. I know it's not a line here. But Mellman there four and three and you're currently three games ahead of the Boston Red Sox who would have thought who would who in the family was the happiest and was gloating about this. Or do you think it was Lauren Kuyper? No, Kim, who's not a big sports, and we're sitting at dinner the other night. And she said, wow, you guys were all wrong. I heard with BUSTER last week. I hurt Lawrenson. It's not going to be a great year. And everything I said gonna lose one hundred ten games, you could still lose saying how about my order all of a sudden is Kim's order. How about my Orioles? I said you who didn't care too much now as happy she likes to under- dog. And she's happy Orioles are surprising people at four and three now. Hey, they may end up being four and twenty seven but for now, they're right there almost than first place and the Red Sox and cubs a combined three and through. Chicago can't pitch folks. The Cubbies have zero pitching don't forget..

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