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Version of slack. Oh, well, it is six dollars and twenty five cents per active user per month. And I looked at the stats for our tips on the Toffler slack, which is impressive. Because since the tips on Toffler slack started. You guys have been using it a lot. And do you have posted eighteen thousand nine hundred and forty messages on this leg, which is cool. You also used five point seven gigabytes of storage out of the five gigabytes that are free, which is why we're getting this message in the first place and. There are well over one hundred active users. I'm a lot more assigned up, but the ratio between active and inactive users. This always this ratio on forums and things, but the ratios pretty pretty good for something like our slack. So. But with those numbers at the price of six twenty five practice user per month is would come to boil over six hundred dollars a month to make this keep all the messages and images. And then of course, until until I stopped paying so that's probably not going to happen. I mean, unless every slack user also start supporting the show on patriot with at least eight dollars per month, which honestly, I don't think will happen or one of you is crazy rich and can just foot the Bill for the Tf TDF community. But I think that money would be better spent on a photo tour or a workshop anyway, keep posting don't worry about the storage. Full message just be aware that old photos and files and post will overtime vanish after about two years. And oh, speaking off the slack. You might remember the assemble yourself copy stand that I talked about here on a previous episode while where we're talking about scanning euro negative. So using a camera to scan your negatives. In analog, slack news. Joe Russo ordered and assembled a copy stand the one that I talked about your order from Germany. I have no idea what that what the shipment cost. But he documented how he set it up over a beer on the slack. I really enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing. Joe? I will link to the threat on the slack in the shots. Let me say quick. Thank you to this.

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