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You Heartbreaking story along. The East River today a man's spot a baby floating, near the Brooklyn Bridge and jumps in to rescue the baby but it was too late police say the eight month old boy was wearing only. A diaper and had no visible signs of trauma the parents or guardians have not yet been located police still investigating A wacky story on the Upper, West side today, a man jumps out of a freezer at Sarabeth restaurant and chaos follows WCBS. Mike sugarman those offense this is, a bizarre tale to tell it's it's it's every aspect of it is shocking apparently a man had. Been hiding in the freezer of Sarah Beth's restaurant on Amsterdam avenue In the freezer overnight at. This point we don't. Know, but when found by an employee staff members say the intruder grabbed a knife and tried to stab workers it, should be. Something out of a movie scene. But wait there's more they knocked the knife out of, his hand? And then the guy. Who no one apparently new tells them wait a. Minute I need an ambulance wow the ambulance comes. And the guy ends up dying. At the hospital of what we don't know yet my gosh that's crazy man is. Fifty four years old that's all police are telling. Us what he was thinking don't. You we may never know Sarah Beth's has, been an, Upper West, side institution it was closed Sunday on the Upper. West side Mike sugarman WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty a workplace argument leads to a deadly, shooting, at a. Gas station on Long Island we go. To, WCBS Steve burns for that story they just. Didn't like each other those are the words of Nassau County police commanding officer Steven Fitzpatrick Trying to. Explain what led up to seventy one year old. Lawrence grammar killing his co worker. At the citgo and Glenn had thirty five year old but she award on Friday. These two had been involved in another world occasion. Came physical that got broken up. Is about five in the afternoon they came, back to, work Saturday These words again and this time grammar had brought his gun police say ward was pronounced dead at the scene Fitzpatrick. Calls it friction between the two This year. Was calling him certain and taunting him at, times according to grammar had worked there for fifteen..

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