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Story this hour. President Trump's is down with boxes, Laura Ingram for a wide ranging interview while in Europe. He talked about his trip there and his effort to place tariffs on Mexico for their immigration policy. He also blasted speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi. I've tried to be nice to because I would have liked to have gotten some deals done. She's incapable of doing deal. She's a nasty addictive horrible person. Yeah. His reaction, according to politico, speaker, Pelosi told a meeting of leading Democrats. She wants to see the president in prison. We posted the entire interview at KTAR H dot com. Go listen to it House, Democrats, meantime, acting as though, they are prosecutors. They're now planning to give more power to committee chairs to go to court over ignored subpoenas. A resolution holding attorney general William bar, and former White House counsel, Don Mcgann in contempt for failing to comply with judiciary committee subpoenas. Also woody's additional action of subpoenas. A reward the resolution set to be considered by the rules committee, Monday in the full house on Tuesday gifts committee, chairs thirty to seek legal action to enforce subpoenas. If they have approval of a bipartisan group of house, leaders, McCain was asked to testify for the House Judiciary committee, and refuse bars withheld in unredacted version of the special counsels, Russia report on Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern, Fox News bar abiding by the law in not releasing the identity grand jury presents and. And of course, thinking that they can go up against executive privilege. That's the other thing there is confusing. The separation of the powers of the branches may jobs report could bring more economic good news for President Trump and Katie rich Saunders live with that comes out in about an hour with the unemployed rate unemployment rate expected to stay at three point six percent. Mark Hamrick with banquets says, there's a tinge of concern. No, there is a risk of a negative surprise, meaning it could be that we see something that is lower than expected, because of the uncertainty surrounding tradenet said, we've had job growth in a booming economy. Now, inherit says that growth is continued even with things like the trade, wars, and tariffs in the news, it's fair to say that the job market is one of the best performing aspects of the US economy right now at a time, when there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the issue of trade, then because of those trae concerns and other factors Bank recently found that forty percent of the economists they talked to think of cutting interest rates is coming at some point later this year. Okay. Whenever tone of never been really right on target every time I know it is now six thirty five. We are almost every day, how the situation of the border is getting worse. And his seems there is no end in sight. Rice University of political, science professor, Bob Stein says until we figure out why they're leaving their home country. Not much will change years ago, fifteen years ago, most of the immigration where people who were looking for jobs and might be competing with US citizens for those jobs. But that's not what we're looking at. He says entire families are leaving and coming to the US in droves. But until we know the route calls and get world leaders to work together to address the problem, the situation probably get worse before it gets better giambra or NewsRadio some forty KTAR, h it's six thirty five millennials. We give them a bad rap for a lot of things, but lifestyle, other Kelly, asceticism millennials are actually very hard workers to the point. They even feel bad about taking a simple lunch break, they're less likely to take their vacation days. They're less likely to reach out and take an ask for help, if they need help on the project. They're less likely that actually take their weekend for themselves. She says millennials need to understand the importance of taking breaks because it gives your brain and body time to recharge and recuperate well after years of being told that they're special, they're smart. They're talented, one of the biggest fears that kids can have is not being any of those things child psychologist, Dr island, Kennedy Moore says children's self judgment is out of whack and they feel like failures if they're not extraordinary even at the younger ages. We have high stakes testing intensely competitive sports, even among the little ones. Yes. She says nowadays social media encourages even young children to impress other people, you can't live up to those kind of imagines standards. No, well, but who's going to tell them not extrordinary? Don't they hear that every day, the lies extraordinary, they are so extraordinary that they've got to have those self posting so selfish and social media, it's leading to unprecedented crowds at popular tourist attractions worldwide and they're destroying religious sites polluting, pristine beaches and making for some pretty lousy summer vacations. Okay. Library voices. We're going into the Louvre in Paris space, more precious than aren't we? Way, which houses, the Mona Lisa anything, I cannot express to you how ridiculously over the top crowded..

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