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He's not someone that's easily marketable when it comes to he's on persona. That's that's the hardest part. I think against who. Does a great guy knee means well, but he is a different individual that. He more speaks with his talents. That of you know, his mouth convert version calling all those other guys. But it sounds like what you're playing with your career is, you know, I talked to a lot of guys leave the UFC and they go. Yeah. You know, what I might go back one day? Never know. You're still young. You never know where your life could take you. But when you think about a return to the UFC is that even a real thought. Honestly right now. No, we'll get them twenty six. It was just released. I'm in a new promotion brave. And that's that's the biggest venture. I'm looking at right now. We'll see, you know, time takes me. We'll see we're we're the world takes. But right now when it comes to the U of C, it's more of not money. But it's respect, you know, it's it's not just respected myself. But respecting the fighters in general, and I just don't see for mainly the flyway to the smaller guys again. I've noticed if you're not there. They're number one guy. If you're not the guy that's trying to build up, then, you know, who cares? Even look shortcut save north cut left with a positive record. But he still was released as low and now he's making something big in in one of scene. I think that's amazing for him as well. So in the end is it I don't know if it's good that the UFC got rid of the fly with division. But if you are getting opportunities to make more money to do commentary to do events all over the world on some level. I guess that is kind of good, right? I mean, it's it's amazing. What I have right now. I mean, I'm I'm. Telling you what I what I'm receiving right now from brave is something I expected from the most popular promotion the world, which is you of see. But that's not the case in. I've learned that even though you have seized on this pedestal. It's not the pinnacle of the sport. There's so many other promotions out there that can easily take care of you that much better than for me. Brave is that promotion, and I mean, the only two years that believes they're the force if not third big promotion that have gone the fourteen countries. I think the fights in the Philippines. There's ten fights all ten fighters from different countries. Now, they're extremely global promotion. So they're now just going. Hey, you're American. We're for me in you know, that went to Philippines. Yeah. Their main events Philipino. But there they literally have everyone my guys from London from what I know, you know, so all these countries is literally country versus country in representing their nations as a in a sense of bigger or more professional world championships, or I gotta tell you. I wish you nothing. But the best of luck in your the next chapter of your career March fifteenth right, by the way, how can folks watch. The fight. That one I know brave those have their own online streaming service. I can't remember the actual website. It's like brave dot TV dot something at the end. But overall anyone wants to look up brave themselves just type it in on Google braids CF, and I mean Alder Infos on their website most of the time it's either on YouTube or through a streaming service..

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