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Just k- zombies one to one two. And i think there might be a theory These are disney channel original movie. Yeah these are relatively new k. Zombies great music. Check the soundtrack okay. Number two high school musicals. Yeah she while. I was out out before that i was in high school. I mean obviously that was weird that you like them. They're good number one. That's my favorite one. Sure that's the only one i've really remember. like watt. enjoying a ton of disney channel movies came out every month. Yeah usually i think at least throughout the summer is an event friday night or saturday. Decided isn't event pre thing or what do they call. It missed out mirror. Go ahead number five zero nine girl of the twenty first century. They underwater they were in space number. Four smart house was number. Three halloween town never saw very good number. Two johnny sue nami and it goes without saying number one is bernie. Let's go drink had an amazing soundtrack. One i mean. Come on the best movie. Summertime switch came out. You retrea young ninety three all right when you have here. I have a duo here. I to more duos in wrestling themes okay good. We'll end with that one. I'll do this quick one okay. Power rankings of things. I want to get into but have yet to do so number. Three is formula. One seems like it'd be cool. I just have too many too many hobbies and twenty interests. Formula one seems cool same school it seems cool. A lot of money involved agreed and racing around in monaco. Number two is core work. I've been meaning to core work ever around the core work and everybody's cup stacking. I've never done it. I'd like to try speed up. Stack up thanking. That'd be cool. All right i'll have to think about that. I don't have a list for that. You have another set of rankings. Non yes i'm gonna do you just candy. I didn't do kid. Hot lunches feel about mambas. Standing opinion gave me to rehash so number four school. Hot lunches is the rectangle pizza from elementary school. We didn't go to the same school. So you gotta what you know if you say rectangular pizza school kid you know what rock hold on question. Did it fit. Everyone had the trays exactly. Yeah but there's also the love. They called mexican pizza. That was literally. Just the shape of an octa is an octagon. Yeah number three. Was the milk shape shake in the styrofoam cup. You get a little sprinkles in it. Number two was the nachos with the nacho cheese in the styrofoam cup And number one. I would go out of my way to get this as an adult. Italian dunkers turkey over mashed potatoes iranian. That's the one that's the one. I don't i tell you because so good. Yeah yup Thanksgiving quality thanksgiving meal for sure. You've you've done that one okay. I'm scrolling through here. I don't remember what we were talking about. That brought that up. But i i've mentioned that was my favorite mayekar. Drivers number one is yoshi and last as donkey kong..

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