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Bach. we'll be doing this time one oh two good afternoon American life and this is a service of apple support imports breaking news in Austin police lieutenant has been arrested and is in Williamson County jail accused of sexual assault of a child forty seven year old lieutenant does to Lee was booked after the alleged assault last Thursday court documents show Lee faces a first degree felony the capital area metropolitan planning organizations transportation policy board meets today take up several items including adding the city of Austin Bergstrom spur study at a cost of nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars this even old railroad line to the former Bergstrom airforce base can become a passenger line and trail to the airport they could also prove a transportation demand management plan designed to change how you behave about getting around with five hundred thousand dollars for its implementation they'll also consider adding the city of Kyle as a non voting Campbell member Eric idle ready news ready okay LBJ UT president Greg fender said in a letter today since the admission scandal that implicated in men's tennis coach they examine the admission of over eight hundred student athletes over an eighteen year period and found no other improper admissions fender said the strength in the process and investigate any student athlete the drops out of their sport shortly after starting college Kaylee Jayne is signed one oh three looking at Austin's on time traffic you're dealing with slow traffic conditions on northbound I. thirty five from just pass water to Stastny and again from just password were to the decks southbound I. thirty five your Salona from dean keeping the old sore for crash cleared up FM nine sixty nine at Burlison.

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