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W. this is one of those things it probably happens a heck of a lot more than you think it happens and that is an explosion blew up a kitchen in Colerain township last week because the style was hot and someone left a can of Pam you know cooking spray on top of the stove and the can over heated because it's an aerosol you say and bone it blowed up real good so you got hot now not only do you have the can't exploding but think about this you have over heated drops of oil working like napalm exploding in your kitchen not only is it going to be kind of messy to clean all that stuff up because it got oil all over but the fact that two adults and two kids were injured this whole thing too so you'll since care but I imagine the burns that you would have after a super heated oiled Exley on oil explosion basically and it's amazing to me how many times something like this happens our could happen anyway so you know and I'm like for example my properties if I'm going I'm doing work I'll notice that someone will have I don't know we'll go to the grocery store for example and said a bunch of bags on top of the stove electric stove and you just sat in there and and like I always say Hey you know move often go Hey just so you know I'm not telling you how to live or whatever but it's a bad habit to get into the point where my kids do it my wife would do it for a while I finally it took a long time but got out of the habit of using the the stove essentials a counter space that should be a no fly zone right the only time you're putting anything on there is if you want to cook it if you get a habit of putting whatever it is on top of the stove that's not cooking up a mentor food yell boxes packages grocery stuff like that you develop a habit that could lead to something like this because to me think about it you know it if you look at as counter spacey's puts up on top of the stove Mr stuff isn't working Tom plug well that's a different story maybe you eat out a lot I don't know you're really bad cook but yeah it happened but I actually happened in a place where I was at once where someone left I think was cleaning supplies or some guys are cleaning the kitchen and the kitchen area and same thing they were cleaning a bump the knob and no special electrics does you know the and the older one now the new ones have a a light on it but even still slowly the light right if you're not paying attention you bump that Bob and it doesn't take much heat for a a bot yup can or in this case is like a I think a cardboard box and look over like some Bernie look over manta but also the smoke is pouring out of the bottom the bottom just before it started to ignite pulled it off of there but you know that's like a tragedy averted in it's funny is in an in apartments and houses and stuff when I'm in there it's amazing how many people leave stuff on top of electric stove I don't know of gas you have to worry about as much of a thing because you know gas different mechanism because it's a flame obviously but you have to pushing the button and turn it in get to click before tonight's but and you know if if it doesn't ignite you can smell it be not as dangerous but yeah it's a state it's one of those things that you know it's not a habit you want to develop as a nod to set it on top of the stove because you know the counter spaces all awful stuff because of well things like this and I'm sure they're fired I'm sure there are people who work for the fire department police ago liner and go yeah you're right about that one for the first time all week Saloni right about something don't leave stuff that is not a pot a pan or cooking up woman on top of the stove because this is the kind of stuff that happens big explosions generally are frowned about the imagine getting hit by I a can of exploding cooking spray because the oil in that I would gas you know it's going to be can't expanding rather rapidly it's going to cause I guess would be like napalm hitting your skin hello fortunately known as killed but you know it's a valuable especially under the holidays you know you get busy but the stuff around and just something to think about anyway coming up at the tendo sick today on the Scotts lawn show on seven hundred W. although to continue talking about now one but the two added call them attacks certainly we had a soldier at NAS Pensacola that when a shooting spree a a Saudi soldier should Saudi shoulders should any for national have have a weapon on American soil I think it's a good question a lot of people made a deal of a loophole about this I'm not sure if you're professionally trained soldier if there should be a loophole for you but I did get examine those policies I think it's fair and of course what happened in New York City relative to the the Jersey city shootings there we have a police officer three others dead as a result of a black nationalist group that some spring of the Jewish community there and it seems like these things Abin flow in the tide is always turning but I've got talking about exactly how this is going to impact second ma'am and arguments on because that's let's face it that is going to be the focus of this as we have in the presidential news cycle right and and continue to head into that territory it's gonna be well we have to stop the shootings how do you do that without infringing on second memorized anyway and when Walker tennis six today at seven hundred W. 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W. regarding leaving stuff on top of stove at five one three seven four nine seven thousand and eleven and and you're the Scotts lawn show high Hey soon my wife got into a bad habit of leaving like thirty skillets you know not on top but inside it inside the oven yeah right the out of it and she went turned it all one day and guess what real world caught fire the handles we had to call the fire department have yeah they were taking it out the I can't speak on the carpet is that the whole they take the whole still well completely wrappings melting it's it's an off toxic stuff that just they hauled out to the curb it was gone yeah yeah do that anymore that's a good that's a good have a job sorry you've been telling me for years you know what though my wife god lover it taken out about a week later she doing again right somebody might well do it out of that thing yeah you leave stuff on top of the stove the lighter lighting up now if people want to talk about stuff they left on the stove the caught on fire it's just it says these are the bad app yeah that's a whole nother one right is is of stuff inside a stove because you'll forget that something's in there and said I'm let that cool law for all put it in the stove and then you go to pre heated for something and it's like what is that smell I know it's the cake I left in their last well no he's gonna leave a cake behind that's that's that's crazy talk maybe some vegetables or something like that five one three seven four nine seven thousand eight or the big one and the pound seven eighty two I'll talk about this for awhile stuff you stuff to burn on the stuff bye bye to their I forgot it was there yeah I think about an ex does the dangers things your house everywhere is about yelled carbon monoxide water heaters things like that maybe you know that stove you take it for granted it's a lot of lectures them talk about electric stuff they get their gas in there too obviously with with the last caller is talking about but Lecter seventy people take that for granted and there's a lot of altered slightly and furniture that thing and it's capable of of wreaking havoc in you just look at it now yeah I just sent some stuff on there best friend growing up in his mom I don't know why she would do this but she you use the stove to store stuff in and I thought initially think about like well yes because it was broken no it's because I don't know why she she put stuff in like rolls a foiled things like that use of the storage and then when she wanted to cook something in the other like dinner whatever she take it all out it is weird is that what what would you and then put it like in a cabin in the bin then went up sticking stuff back in there I see people do though dishwashers dishwasher breaks in our place that they just use that for your storage basically but this is a start over now later in life I was just really weird some weird friends growing up at five one three seven four nine seven thousand to Bob in spring brought seven hundred W. O. W. Hey Bob how you doing they'll finally got we go to the Bahamas last week and we're at a time here and by twelve year old decides that he wants to make the macaroni and I take it you know what I'm not going to help them you can figure it out how could you room back around the well earlier in the day my wife decided to go out to the grocery store there in the Bahamas in it at these times here they do a lot of the job of giving you anything to put your left overs and that's it so he by the five pack a leftover containers all plastic leftover container she put she put that at the back of the range dot like my son is doing perfectly gets out the measuring Cup he puts the water in all of a sudden I start seeing a little bit of steam or what what it is I think it's steam coming out of the box that I date all right man looks like your pots ready body and he walks over by the time he takes ten steps to the stovetop it's an excessive amount of fifteen oh boy and I think to myself there's a lot I get my lazy **** off the couch and go okay I better step in here and as I get off right when I stand up Pauline was the church shooting off of the plastic Tupperware I get up I blow it in the sink there is so much toxic smoke coming off I immediately looked up from dell no there's the smoke alarm there are these commercial type of sprinkler system no no I'm in a seventy five unit building I yelled to everybody in the house start opening up doors right I go I go to the bedroom window in the bedroom window is screwed shot because we're on like the fifth floor boy and I'm telling you what everybody starts coughing gag in and finally I don't know I I I I guess it was it was a good thing but the smoke detector never does go off wow that's amazing with the smoke detector doesn't work it yet so it was it was just bad bad bad and then we looked at my twelve year old and said you know what thank god you want some cookies maybe you should just let mom or dad do it yeah well he did so mom put the plastic on top of the stove your twelve year old did not take the plastic wear off the stove but you know you can't blame mama if you know what I mean I know exactly what you mean absolutely that is not mom's fault it's your twelve year old if your twelve year old call for for not realizing for the first time they've ever cooked in their life you have to remove stuff from the stove top that mom put there in the first place you completely understand I only understand how many years Bob well the eleven yeah you're the sweet spot to any love grand slowly seven hundred W. seven hundred W. L. W. seven New Jersey shooting officer died there and as well as three others and it looks like its domestic terror this time in the form of not a L. a white supremacist group of the black supremacist group in the same blacks premises group that made headlines nationally and especially local here involving Nick Sandman that as a group called the black Hebrew Israelites will be talking to not just specifically about that but between this and what happened at the Naval Air Station Pensacola there that's their score gonna ratchet up the second man to talk once again with doctor tourney about that second I'm an attorney at one Walker about these alleged loopholes that allowed the shooter at NAS Pensacola at least to get a to get a weapon in the impact on on all these other stores and us do is well it's coming up at tennis six today and seven hundred W. eleven and rather the examinee I was talking about how.

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