Wake Forest University discussed on Science Fantastic with Michio Kaku


Well medicine is gonna explode absolutely exploded in the future first of all you mentioned the smart toilet which is going to render the word tumor obsolete in the english language by the time you have a tumor form you have ten billion cancer cells or so growing in your body is too late surgery is required immediately in the future your toilet what pickup cancer genes cancer enzymes and give you a liquid biopsy up to the minute liquid biopsy no delays and no getting an appointment with the doctor and getting cancellations of your appointment no you'll be able to diagnose yourself and detect cancer decades perhaps a decade before tumor forms so the smart toilet is going to be a form of preventive medicine which will render the word tumor obsolete and then we'll attack tumors directly with advanced nanotechnology we're going to arm individual cancer cells so that they seek out seek out ordinary cells so they seek out cancer cells and destroy them and then when your organs wear out we'll grow new organs from your own cells these are called bio reactors i've had a chance to take a camera crew to wake forest university and see these.

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