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Hands off your right. Bluey gives us a look. Okay I'll just have to jump the leg golf. He's also clear authority figure. Louis if I'm talking to to another grind up. He died interrupt like that. Okay I've got a plan. You laugh to stop the wagon. Chatou friends you have to take a straight eight to the monkey boss still interesting clan ANA. How `bout this plan? I'll do I want and you don't tell me what to do. And now that I mentioned how moms and dads styles are typically different. It might be a good time to bring up the one thing about Bluey that could give some parents pause bandits occasional. Let's say gaseous jokes. Now as I'm married to a man who's given to similar comedy stylings usually to the delight of his daughters and the Chagrin of his wife. Well we find that element pretty authentic to but if you prefer your kids not be exposed is to any whoopie cushion humor. Bluey might be a little too real for you. If you don't mind that sort of thing Bluey is a little miracle cartoon about about real home life that entertains even the youngest kids cross still making the rest of the family giggle it today. Is Friday January twenty four th good morning this is the world and everything in it from listener supported rated World Radio Acre and she is Meghan Basham now notice. I didn't say they is Megan Basham. Although the Miriam Webster Dictionary might not out of corrected me. Had I done that. But here's George Grant with a January edition of wordplay in which he explains. Why Miriam Webster has now announced? twenty-nine teens word of the year as have the Oxford Cambridge in Collins. Dictionaries determined by I various factors page hits and popular searches on their websites online polling and editorial discretion the words are intended to reflect the leading developments in popular English usage as it is inevitably shaped by current events and social trends. We'll have a world of sudden and dramatic shifts and changes a world flooded with information and words so it is probably not surprising that a host of new words or awkward with new meanings crowd into the cultural consciousness as jargon in slang or neologism seemingly out of nowhere are public discourse is peppered with words like deep fake aac re wilding and non binary or Babo Slang for body positive and follow the fear of missing out for the designation of the word of the year is intended to highlight an expression that particularly reflects the ethos mood or preoccupation the preceding year over the past two decades words like blog meam woo woke truthfulness vape and Brexit and then named word of the year by one or another of the dictionaries this year. Miriam Webster selected the word they as the word of the year. It's a repurposing of the traditional third person plural pronoun as a first person singular pronoun used used for someone who's preferred gender identity is non biological and non binary. According to the dictionaries editors this new usage literally burst unto the public stage this past year congressman premise jay-paul for instance revealed during the Judiciary Additionally Committee hearing that her child is gender. Non Conforming and self identifies with the Pronoun they British pop singers. Sam Smith announced that he too now prefers to be called they and the American Psychological Association recommended that the singular they be preferred in professional writing over he or she the Oxford Cambridge and Collins as well as several online dictionaries were similarly progressive minded opting for words related to climate change like like echo anxiety extinction flight shaming climate emergency carbon sink plastic footprint and up cycling. So once again. We're reminded that language is a world view construct and that the battle for the dictionary is nearly as fierce as the battle for the Bible as John Locke wants declared whoever defines the words defines the world old for world's radio. I'm George Grant. Well it.

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