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Is attributed to anonymous sources, saying that what the president did that day and there is this is a tricky strategy here because this is not official documents. None of this testimony was taken under oath. It can be disputed record and we're seeing Mike Lee, who was mentioned in reference to this account is disputing what happened in the press report of that account that David Sicily decided this. This underscores the fact that there have been no witnesses called. And so far as we know there won't be you know, there was no congressional oversight hearings in the House. Democrats wanted to move very quickly to impeach the president. Prior to his leaving office. You are correct, Scott. There will be emotion at the end of the Trump defense team. They will be able to present their case They have up to 16 hours, and at the end of it, the Senate could make motions to hear witnesses. They could make motions to hear from any number of people there will not be a limit. We do not anticipate, however, that they're going to agree on any witnesses to call. You would need a majority of support. Obviously to do that, Although these motions in the Senate only need a simple majority they do not need supermajorities is other motions do. But the overall vibe of this impeachment trial from both the minority and majority is they wanted to move quickly, if anything, they might wanted to even wrap this weekend. And if you call witnesses and depose them, and this would not be in public witness witness testimony has taken in private under oath. They could prolong this impeachment trial for weeks and weeks and weeks, and that is not something that literally anyone on Capitol Hill is shown any interest in doing. There's some bipartisan agreement on that together, isn't there there is I mean Democrats. For their part, they want to move on to the Biden agenda. They want to refocus the debate on things like covert relief in their efforts to raise the minimum wage and economic relief. And Republicans quite frankly, just don't want to keep talking about this. They don't see much political advantage to keep rehashing the events of January 6th and most of them quite frankly, are still pretty united behind the president and Our votes are not going to be moved. So part of the argument is, let's just move on. If the outcome is immovable native Totenberg has joined us, Nina so you can see a lot of people in the well of the Senate, including Senator Coons is often Somebody who helps cobble together compromise. But Senator Lee was very exercise because he said the comments attributed to him in a press report were not true that they were false. And he wants them stricken from the record, so They're still continuing as far as I can see with the vote, but very slowly to see if they can figure a way around this on, but whether that vote would be to permit him to make a motion to have his remarks stricken. I'm still unclear. I think the motion is what the parliamentarian said was the rule and gave it to the president Pro tempore Pat Leahy, who ruled that That Basically, the managers could say what they want to say and cite whatever they want to sight in the other side, considered what they want to sight, But almost as a matter of personal privilege, Mike Lee looks Pretty ticked off, and, uh he's a I would suspect that they're trying to figure out a way around. This may be the House managers will withdraw that point. There seems to be let's see what she was going on is the president we need order. I will be in order. Okay?.

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