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There's. Eight or nine year old. Why what what you do like. Your wallet fell over the railing and lane. Through it, who knows there? It is a tiny little. Dot near the the ramp. MOM gets up on this plane and. The waters full of alligators. She's throwing food out. What action. The ultimate. Ultimate Karen right there's. The soup at this is she's going into the water. Build with alligators to get her wallet and I'm not sure why her son is there, but and why or sentence walked around the fast. It's really concerned about him. And then she kind of climbs in chimneys herself back up onto the bridge. One, but that was a really smart move food. My theory with the with wild animals is. When you approach them. They seem confused in unready. They gotta hit you when you're not ready like like anytime, anyone. You see guys. Go down and like swim with a great white shark, and they grab onto the fan and it's like Not Ready for this, but find the ones that are the surfer girls right when the sharp just fucking jumps on. It? It seems like wild animals have to do shit on their own terms, and when you come to them. They're like I'm not ready to each you, my thing is is you go camping? You Fall Asleep then H, you find you. Find you this is confused. It's confusing to them. I'M GONNA. Show you one right now, but I'm also sending one to Kaylynn. Because there's another one from this weekend that I forgot to include, but I This is a woman who's hiking in Shipping Gay Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza. Garcia. Mexico and they're hiking. They're like three women. It sounds like one man whose recording and all of a sudden a young black bear comes up to them. Start sniffing around, and she is as cool as a freakin cucumber. This clip has been seen over three million times, and he starts yelling at her and she doesn't move a muscle and I'll show it to you. Bears Up, on its hind legs. Turns out, feel bears could walk if they wanted to. They just want to walk on. Their hind legs. Pop Up really easily. They just kind of stand around. Definitely are they super lazy or they have back problems more efficient faster and probably lust, taxing on their legs and hips. So He's had made it up and mix it up like a batter who go hit from the left side and the right side of the box or a boxer. Who Do who do Orthodox and also southpaws. Bear. On at it. I was a bear on walk behind lakes half the time. Was Pawn at her. Standing still away from her, but the one I just sent to. There's a you know morons in. We're on their turf, but you know that was a hiking thing they did. The right thing the new one. That's going around from NBC News. I. Just sent it to you Kaelin. It's a woman trips running away from a bison and you hear everyone..

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