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Out here for thirty seconds. Yeah. I've actually I feel like I'm high right now. Probably take the jacket off. This is a wonderfully warm Saturday morning. I'm getting my car wash a double triple layer a few days ago. And now, it's it feels like spring even for Chicago. This is kind of nuts, isn't it? Yeah. I'm hoping for actually a good shower that might kinda clean off my car here and clean up. The streets of Terry cash ner NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM, the Vernon area public library in suburban Lincoln Shire is closed this weekend for repairs and cleanup following a water pipe burst. Becky, ferguson. The libraries communications coordinator says it happened yesterday. Just after the library closed a pipe in the women's bathroom near the front entrance. Burst damaging drywall, and carpeting, but books and other materials were not affected. No patrons were in the library. At the time. Normal operations are expected to resume on Monday. Trying to keep people warm after their heat was turned off before this week's wave of bitter cold temperatures had city officials making the unusual move to bypass housing court and get the heat turned back on. There was a family with five children and no heat in an Inglewood apartment in a building with a brand new owner in south Austin that lack both water and heat as the polar vortex stomped on the city. The Tribune reports these cases are among half a dozen that forces city to take the -mergency action to get heat quick residents city officials sidestepped housing court and just simply made the repairs themselves because housing court would take too long as of this report. Three of the six building repairs have been made with three to go. Jan coleman. Newsradio on one zero five point FM tomorrow is not only Super Bowl Sunday. It's also the annual puppy bowl. The smallest player prepared for the big game with a helping paw from Indiana's topdog Henry Holcomb, the miniature schnauzer owned by governor Eric Holcomb and first lady Janet recently, hosted pistachio. A tiny Maltese rescue dog for a training session as the puppy bowl approaches. Here's Janet come from video posted on her dogs Facebook page showing the dogs running around the governor's mansion he.

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