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Meanwhile in the middle of the biggest sale the Franks and beans comic bookstore has ever seen you wanted to see Virgil. Come on in and shut the door. Okay have a seat please. Yes thank you Virgil. How's it going after splendid? Virgil I mean. Can you believe that crowd told me that this is the biggest sale? The Franks and beans comic bookstore has ever seen what's true. That's crazy out there. I mean I feel like the sale has been going on for weeks. Who THOUGHT GIVEN OUT FREE AT ISA bandages with every comic would pull the people in? I sure didn't seems a little more than odd if he asked me. Well sure. But that's not why I called you in. I think you've been doing a real great job out there today. Chuck why thank You Virgil? That means a lot coming from you. It really does. I've never told you this before Virgil but I look up to you ever. Since that first day we met back in episode one. Whenever I'm trying to make a tough decision I always ask myself. What would virgil do that? I do what I think it is. You would do and it always seems to work out. We'll that's great chuck but this last weekend for example my wife called while I was out looking for work and asks that I stop Burger hat on the way home and bring home some dinner and so of course. I did that very thing. That's a great joke but I do so. Hate those drive through places don't you? I mean trying to converse with someone through a speaker simply Bob Berek or girls and the way they treat you rushing you through the order interrupting you like they assume you're only ordering for one person and so what you have your Burger order ready to drive you down the chute okay. Well that this guy after the third is there anything else? I'm afraid my cool was nowhere to be found. I was ready to drive away without another word but then I asked myself. What would virgil do probably would have just completed the order? That's right I got my baseball bat from the trunk and Smash that Speaker Board into Smithereens. You'd work by the time. I was finished that speaker odd strewed about the Latin bits and pieces. It was glorious but chuck. That's not at all what I would have done. It's not work. No chuck good gravy. What were you thinking? Oh well I didn't do it anyway. Beg Your Pardon I made it all up. I didn't smash this Speaker Board. You didn't know no I did not. Then why did you say you did? I'm Cy Virgil. I'm just trying to impress. You impressed me. Chuck Lying Eighth Way to gain my respect. I mean if you're going to keep working here then you gotta honest about things. Keep working here. We are chuck. Gets Wa called you in here to offer you a full time position at Franks and beans? Great Caesar's Ghost Man. Do you know what this means? Probably not Y- beans a steady paycheck. Virgil I can pay off my debts and finally come out from under the thumb of count. Virga Count Virga. Who's Count Virga? Now that my friend is a long story. Well I got Tom. If you do of course virgil well. It all begins twelve years ago in the Himalayas the Himalayas. What were you doing in the Himalayas? Now that's something I can't talk about very hush hush you see. Let's just say a certain government organization tasked with hunting down something big white and Harry Jerry. I'm not saying it wasn't Yeti. Hey guys we're in the middle of something here. Abner can this wait freight not virgil. The riders asked me to come in here and give you both a message. Well when I say asked. It was more of an order to tell the truth. Get Your Butt in there and deliver this message. If you want to keep collecting a paycheck is what they told me. It was all about rude if you asked me during an herb or get on with it already. Oh yeah well. They wanted me to come in here and tell y'all to end the sketch sketch. Well apparently they never wrote an ending rather than just let the sketch spiral out of control. They figured it would be best for me to just come on in and ended cut to the theme song. We'll good gravy. If that ain't the dumbest thing I ever heard why I've half a mind to march straight into the writer's room and tell them just what I think about him in fact from a secret location deep within the hills of eastern Kansas. One man armed only with the microphone is voice.

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