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Believe you shot wealth in the ktrh Gulf Coast windows dot com 24 hour traffic center. And remember for your commute tomorrow, Sky Mike will be doing traffic every 10 minutes. With the rain coming, you're going to want to follow. Here's the weather all the intentional beyond Tropic Storm Nicholas, it is formed in the Southern Gulf, Mexico will be inching toward the Texas coast could be a slow mover, bringing head rainfall and storm surge our way. Hey, Flats watch in effect tonight through your Tuesday evening Trump Storm watch the storm surge watch in effect for the coasts. We're gonna be looking at some bottom of rainfall and even that coastal flooding showers. Storms likely tonight, especially overnight, low low seventies chance rain 6% and 80% chance of showers and storms on Monday ahead. Rainfall possible high low eighties traps from conditions possible on Tuesday. I mean, draws Todd Bork Oil Channel 78 in Galveston Etienne Spring 85, Katie and 83 degrees from the ktrh. Top Tax defenders. 24 Hour Weather Center Ktrh news time is 801 our top story a tropical Storm watch, which means tropical Storm force winds are possible in the area. Within the next 48 hours has been issued by the National Weather Service for Harris County. Now, according to Inland Harris County that will include Houston, Kingwood and Spring Ktrh is your severe weather station. So we have the whole staff on standby throughout the storm. Keep to your radio at I am 7 40 NewsRadio. Ktrh Governor Greg Abbott ordered the Texas State Operations Center to increase its readiness to level two starting tomorrow morning in response to Nicholas. Jeff Lindner of the Flood Control District talks about the main threats of the storm is going to bring the main threat continues to be the rain and the rain potential. The potential Back to Governor Abbott. He is ordering the Texas State operations Center to increase that level, and he is already ready to resources that will assist local communities impacted by this storm mayor turns reminding citizens to be mindful of the barricades that are currently being placed around areas that have flooded easily in the past. What I would say to people now is to be weather aware weather alerts. Let's say the next 72 hours between now and when's Day. Harris County Office of Homeland Security, announcing that they are in increased readiness. KTRH News Time is 803 Justice Stephen Breyer. Aaron National News was on Fox News Sunday and he thinks that packing the Supreme Court's really bad idea. One party could do it. I guess another party could do it. And the more thing I mean, surely Surface on the surface. It seems to me you start changing all these things around and of People will lose trust in the court. President Biden issued an executive order in the form of a commission to look into court reform and sports. Texans were three point underdog against Jacksonville, but the Texans won by 16 points. Final score was 37 16, the Texans Astros winning the series with Angels two games to one final score today was 3 to 1. Tomorrow they go up by 45. They play the Texas Rangers game time is it seven and you can hear that game in its entirety. Right here on 7 40 ktrh. News on demand. Ktrh dot com Our next update will be at 8 30 breaking news. As it happens, I'm Sally Adams on Houston's news, weather and traffic station. NewsRadio 7 40 k t. R. H Welcome to in the oil patch presented by Shale magazine broadcasting from the oil field experts Studios oilfield experts where you get the right products right now in the oil patch is where together we explore topics that affect us all.

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