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Michelle. Do wonderful ten dollar reasons. They taste they have harvest. Flavors are really nice and clean slate. That's from Moselle. That's okay okay But I actually prefer the Washington state stuff to that though. That's okay. I like that one but I started looking this up. And this Raymond Raymond Program is kind of like one of the top winemakers from Moselle. The family winery has been around since well over one hundred years and the prime families making wine for like nine hundred years. This is guy is one of the leading lights this. Is You know one of the top guys in Moselle and If you're not familiar with German airman winds and Moselle and Riesling. I was reading the other now a couple years ago. one of the big wine magazines was saying that Moselle might be the best wine region in the world better than Burgundy better than Bordeaux better than Napa better than Baruelo and on and on and on they said the winds. There might be the pinnacle of wines and I said I'm drinking Washington state once I like them they're fruity they're beautiful They don't know these. These Moselle wines are kind of you know you have to know what you're doing a little bit or lease research. A little little bit was out of my price range. I'm kind of happy doing what I do and I don't you know look to get out of my lane too much because this is what we do for last asked love and going on twelve years. I'm GONNA take a SIP because this is actually really a nice riesling. So the guy's name on the bottle is one of the leaders of one the best wine regions in the world the Moselle River And the banks are very steep and up the vines are planted on this steep hills minutes took took shards of slate in these things in the hills there so steeped they pretty much have to use machines to pick the grapes. And it's not that easy easy to go tending the Tending the vines. y'All Jack and Joan Up. The Hill and Jack fell down and broke his crowd. I think that came from Moselle. And so it's a very interesting wine reason and this is from a taste of Moselle Um the Rim of program from maybe I don't know my Luckily my Germans every bit as good as my French. So we're in luck but he's one of the leading guys they're so it's from a lot of contracting vineyards. He has his own vineyards seniors to might be from there. But when you're on the top guys on one of a he asks you if you've got enough Extra grapes I mean he knows Ask for the extra grapes. And they're not going to say no so it's like wait a minute. This is a good thing that this man has his name on the one because normally speaking at an actually oh and all the and trader Joe's are both German companies they have contacts in Europe and they have huge contacts and Germany so he's inclined to work with them but normally speaking when you have a voltage anytime you have a contract wine for a story but their her name on it they they come up with a dummy name for the winery. And then they make up a label that as a you know just make the label up so you don't know who made it and and very very often really big name. wineries are making trader. Joe's aldis Costco even You know Safeway the you know when they have their own brands. There's a really good wiry behind him but they don't tell you who it is but here the skype what's his name on it. And he's not not just some guy he's like one of the top guys from Moselle. That's really really good sign. He's he's not going to put his name on something. That didn't come out well. That was you know. hoops didn't quite work. Oh well pretend it wasn't me no you can't. There's no hiding here so this is a quality wine at a ridiculously low price. 'CAUSE 699 is even an expensive for Washington state you can get Really Nice Chateau St Michelle reasonings for nine ninety nine and maybe on sale a little cheaper but this is six ninety nine straight great up and I'm GonNa take another SIP this subtle. One doesn't jump out at you and it's got the knows a subtle everything about this a subtle. But it's all even it's all All balanced yeah And the more I drink it the more I like it it probably because the winds up to because. That's the mark of a good wine as you know. Tom Takes well to open up. Like the you know some winds tastes good from the get go and they never get any better. But that's not a bad thing. They taste good from the get go. Why can't complain about that? But when you get a wine especially inexpensive wine that evolves with time and as air goes through. That's actually a good thing that actually is part of like the acidity and you know it's part of the winemaking techniques takes a little bit too. They made a complex so there is something to open up. Ah You know often with inexpensive. One they they may not be as complex as they possibly can be but to come together quicker And it'd be the fruit forward and funded drink but this one's got you know it's the quality level is the main quality levels to quality lovers above it but as six ninety nine just the main one is perfectly fine just from various places. Moselle not the leading districts. Maybe some from leading districts. I don't know that's fine too at six hundred ninety. Don't expected there's gotta be some reasons why it's less expensive than the the most expensive ones. The most expensive ones can cost hundreds of dollars. Colors and Mister Fromm Prune from his normal wine his neural baseline is a twenty one From his own vineyard and everything but you know he's still making the line and one thing there's one truism about why not for almost every single thing you know about line there. There are exceptions. You know it's like you can't put your finger on anything so the the you know. This is a rule because they never are up for this good winemakers make good wine great winemakers make even better wine. That's the truth. If you know what you're doing it doesn't matter how fancier grapes are going to be doesn't matter. How much status at has you're going to make a good wine with what you have? You're going to figure out especially when you have the opportunity to off pick from different vineyards and you can make your take your time to make your wind. You're GonNa make something good and that's what they have here and this is. I don't know how many this has been around. I think out for like six months so I don't know if people have figured out that this is hair and they've come and got it it might might be a little hard to find But it's the Ramon Prune Riesling twenty eighteen drive from Moselle Germany. Pick it up. That's a good reasoning. It's crazy inexpensive. It's well made. It tastes great. You're GONNA like it. 'CAUSE that opens up and it evolves had kind of gives you an experience experience of a more expensive of wine for you know for for a happy fat and juicy wine so there you go All these This kicking some but three years were Germany Don't know what the next one we're GONNA do haven't figured that out yet But we'll come up with up in a few days and Dan. audio's keep it cheap and I'll be talking to you as Dave.

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