Bacterial Pneumonia, North Carolina, Winston Salem discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Oh six one FM talk as fears become hot spots for the season some organizers are being cautious the Dixie classic fares taking precautions against legionnaires disease this after over one hundred twenty people contracted the bacterial pneumonia at the North Carolina mountains state fair last month one fair go or died legionnaire's disease is spread through missed or water Dixie classic fair organizer say banning missed fans and getting rid of the fairgrounds decorative water fountains are just a few of the steps they're taking to prevent a possible outbreak the fair opens the Winston Salem fairgrounds today I'm Richard styling that adds filet closed at a potentially toxic algae WLOS TV reporting a group of students performed a test last week on on G. taken from beaver lake in north Asheville and it came back positive state environmental quality officials expected as more samples today anyone who may have come in contact with the water urge to see a doctor full heat wave continues to set records Thursday's wonder Corey hi was the hottest temperature ever recorded in the triangle in the month of October it should go without saying that the first wanted to create a a Raleigh Durham airport also set a record for the hottest October third tense we'll dive into the seventies this weekend well you're americorps adding more security check points to deal with the surgeon travelers CDS seventeen reports the airport is putting into checkpoints in the area where the Kannapolis restaurant used to operate transportation safety administration has added more than thirty screening agents nearly thirteen million travelers flew in and out of already you last year as the population in the triangle and the region continues to grow the Greenville man is the winner of a seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar lawsuit filed against the man who his wife had an affair with Kevin Howard said the plane is seduced his wife eventually destroyed the marriage WNCN reports the man was found legally responsible for their divorce I'm scared gambler..

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