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So as far as michael porter jr is concerned he's jarvis kevin durant and tracy mcgrady according to people with two working is they compare him to keith van horn harrison barnes and otto porter jr again here it fits a brooks university we like to teach a lot of stuff some of it's stuff you should learn but we always want you to know this if you don't advocate for yourself like michael porter jr is doing no one else will man alive what a way to start a show man said i'm a little a little candy and choice but then the but i like to shoot it more than janas and get to the home k d like what the hell bob i would like to think as a person i say i'm a mixed between what nelson mandela mister rogers and harriet tubman i was trying to think if you know between george clooney bradley cooper and jack kennedy how i felt this more as a play by play guy me we're where do you what would you put yourself how do you see yourself do you compare yourself it's just i woke up and said do i wanna be kevin harlan mike breen or ted robinson i mean night come on man we'll see you out there then eastwood said a man's get to know his limitations he also said it made my day.

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