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Collectivistic is an adjective and collectivistic. Lii is an adverb. Next we have collectively collectively noun from eighteen. Sixty two one. The quality or state of being collective to a collective whole whol e- especially the people as a body next day's collectivize with a z. This is a transitive verb from eighteen. Ninety three to organize by collectivism and she just reread. Collectivism real quick. A political or economic theory advocating collective control especially over production and distribution also system marked by such control Think i need to learn more about that. Collective control control by a group. Maybe maybe that's what it is. I don't know Anyway let's get back to collective is it is to organize by collectivism and the collectivisation is a noun next is collector noun from the fourteenth century one that collects as a an official who collects funds. Or moneys be a person who makes a collection as in stamp collector see an object or device that collects as in the statuette was a dust collector. Oh yeah anything. That hasn't sort of odd shape is going to collect a whole bunch of dust. And then you gotta clean it and that's a pain so have have more boxy things or does don't have anything on your shelves number d. This synonym is solar collector. Oh that would be probably a Like a solar panel collector ship is a noun that is about with lots and lots of stamp collectors on it There is a horror movie called the collector and then there was a second one. I think called the collection and then they were more working on a third one which may have gotten cancelled but it might come back. I'm not sure And i can't remember what that one was called. Was that called the collected. Maybe i don't know anyway. Those were those are fun movies if you like. Horror movies okay. We are now. On collector's item. Collectors collector has an apostrophe s. collector's item noun from nineteen. Thirty two an item whose rarity or excellence makes it especially worth collecting. And then broadly the synonym collectible and our last word is colleen you could emphasize either. Syllable colleen or colleen co l. l. e. e. n. noun from eighteen twenty eight and. It just means an irish girl and irish girl is a colleen And then this is from irish spelled c. a. i l. i. n. and i am not entirely sure how to pronounce that one but i would assume it would be close to colleen colleen colleen colleen so the words. Today were collection collective collective bargaining collective farm collective mark collective security collective unconscious collectivize collectivism collectively collectivize collector. Collector's item. and colleen i do. I do like collector's items. I have some. I guess maybe possibly but again that's more just stuff so i'm gonna pick collective unconscious as the word of the episode because i think it's a fascinating idea and i should probably learn more about it given conscious go dave unconscious. That's the song that you're gonna get. Let's talk about the holidays today. It is broadway musicals day you just all the broadways musicals or happening today. I've never been to broadway. Maybe someday it is confucius day. And i think yesterday we had a Confucius related holiday as well. So something's going on. It is goose day. Yeah it's like the bird the goose it is international day of awareness of food loss and waste. Oh i hate wasting food. It is a. I don't i don't like it and So try not to do it. And maybe give it away to somebody if you're not gonna finish it or if you don't need to finish it please and thank you. It is michael moss. I don't know how to pronounce this. And it has so many alternative names. Feast of saint michael and all angels feast of saints. Michael.

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