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I'm not thrilled about the way the pitching has performed in the postseason a how could you be but i also feel like how many resources that they're going to throw at the starting pitching before they say enough because it's already cost them so many resources that on some level they can't now go make the junk carlos stand deal because they don't want to give up prospects however i'm intrigued by otani i don't i don't know how you can't be given the unique skillset that he has in bigleague people believe that he will be able to do both in the big leagues which to me is the tell all it's one thing to say okay okay the guy hit and pitched in japan it's another thing to say he can do it in the major leagues so if you're telling me you can address you're pitching potentially and at the same time take a chance at maybe you gotta hitter on top of a guy that can help you in two areas i'm all for it and honestly purely for the novelty factor on him i think this guy could be potentially a trailblazer a barrierbreaker who opens up a whole new way of thinking with how to use players particularly pitchers who can hit and if he can do it maybe teams would be willing to try while other players so it's like having a twenty six men on the roster i love it i want to see this guy played no matter where he is i would love for it to be boston yeah tony in the great thing about otani is he's not going to cost a ton of money because of the posting system and the way things work in major league baseball with international signings the most he can get as a bonuses 35 million and the on a lotta red sox fans remembered i ski matsuzakaya coming to the red sox the posting fee with fifty one point one million and then they had to sign him to a fifty two million dollar deal so the outlay overall was one hundred and three million dollars it's like a hundred million dollars less if you end up with otani he'd be a real bargain if the red sox can convince him to come here all right i want to flip things over to basketball and tony you get i think a lot of blow back i guess is the best.

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