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I'm Jeremy foster. Here's our top story. We've got new information about yesterday's officer involved shooting in Phoenix the suspect who was shocked by police has died KTAR's Ashley flood joins us live with more. Ashley, Jeremy, a forty six year old man who carjacked a tractor trailer rig was shot and killed by an officer in a neighborhood near thirty Fifth Avenue and Thomas yesterday, an officer shot the man when he reached for his waistband and turned away from officers after failing to comply with their commands. It turned out the gun that was used when he stole the truck was a replica, but he also had ammunition magazines with live rounds. No officers were injured. Now, this is the forty first officer involved shooting and Phoenix. Meanwhile, protesters dropped one hundred foot banner that read stop Phoenix police violence over the I ten at seventh avenue live in the news center. Ashley, flood KTAR news KTAR is on the economy. One of the state's top business leader says the new trade deal between the US, Canada and Mexico. Co isn't perfect. But it's still the Super Bowl of trade. We get the latest on that live from KTAR's Jim cross German new agreements still has to be okay by lawmakers in each country and a chamber of commerce. President CEO Glenn hammer tells Ona's morning news in there that possibly will be tweaked as it moves through the United States Congress, but overall is a huge deal. One point two trillion dollars of trade between the United States, Mexico and Canada, and all of that should continue now hammer and also governor Ducey Mexico for a trade summit in Sonora live center. Jim cross KTAR news outgoing Arizona Senator Jeff flake says he'll continue to block the appointment of federal judges until there's a Senate vote to protect special counsel, Robert Muller. Like also said this about acting attorney general Matt Whitaker in regards to the molar pro Whitaker can decide what congress, and what congress doesn't see that's important. That is we think that it ought to be handled by somebody who has at least been confirmed by the Senate flake also told CNN this morning. He's not ruling out a twenty twenty presidential run valley hasn't seen. Air-quality this bad since twenty ten meteorologist pace with the department of environmental quality says the worst time of day to the out in it is early morning and the evening gas or electric burning instead of using that would it reduces emissions completely down to nothing. You can limit lady any fireworks that especially true. When we go into the New Year's holiday pay says the bad air can trigger asthma and decreased lung function. I'm not to get a check on traffic. Dani Sullivan joins us now from the valley Chevy dealers traffic.

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