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For young people and people who love them as well as entrepreneurs and thirdly the way that she delivered her message at scale through things like podcast casually conversations with your clients or your kids or even yourself in this episode number one hundred sixteen of the goals based advisor. Podcast IS GONNA give you plenty to think about Tracy thank you. I'm really delighted to be here. We could make the time framework cut. Tell us about Tell us about where you are in in in this lovely globe avails and about you so absolutely so tracy said. I live in Toronto Ontario in Canada. So certainly different time zone than you. I am the president and chief financial fitness trainer of visit financial in. It's really my privilege emission to increase financial literacy for young adults and entrepreneurs and so I spend my time working with both to really demystify what money and finances are in to help them take control of an US money as a tool in their lives are in their businesses So I have a dog rosie. I love a lot in usually at walking with her. And we like to Volunteer time visiting seniors. So it's really fun fantastic. Well it's it's that's a huge range of people that you love helping the from the From the teenagers coming through all the way through to helping people elderly people money. We just helped them with that. Getting pat the dog so fair enough fair so tell us about. Tell us about your Janine. I'll get into a lot of the stuff that you're doing shortly till about your journey. How did you get to becoming a financial fitness coach so I mean from a very young age. I was very interested in money and I think it's fair to say that I loved money when I was a kid. I grew up in a household we. We had had enough money for the things that we needed. We didn't have a lot of extra money. I wouldn't say But my dad was a banker and so we talked about money very openly So I had a healthy for it. I had a healthy understanding. I knew from a young age that because I was told by my parents. No we don't have money for that like my visits to the corner store on that. I needed to go out and raise some money if I wanted to do some things that were a little bit different so my friend and I used to come up with any imaginable business that we could. We would charge other kids to play with us. We made newspapers. We did whatever.

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