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Theater followed by the new mid police department shortly after it was time for the community to make their way. Inside Kimberly Lawson was one of the hundreds of people to get in line sharing stories of seeing and the times he spent greeting her family in your front yard. He would literally stop and just talk to you. If he was driving by sing was killed hours after spending time with his wife and child on Christmas. Pedro Rivera FOX forty and Sacramento, corporal, Ronal saying will be buried Saturday following a memorial service in Florida. Investigators revealing one of the two truck drivers killed in a crash on a Florida highway on Thursday at been ticketed. Several times. Over the years in five states for speeding driving driving, an unsafe vehicle among the seven victims of that crash. Five children from Louisiana who were on a church trip to DisneyWorld. They may be divorced. But a former Minnesota couple still believes in the promise of in sickness and in health twenty years after former childhood sweethearts Sixty-two-year-old, Mary Ziglar and Bill Hendricks. Got divorced. Mary gave Bill a saving kidney after he started to fail for me. It wasn't even a decision. It was kinda like Cam calling up and say, can you come over and help us rake leaves the former Saint Cloud Minnesota pair hoping their story will inspire other divorced couples to do the right thing for their kids and encourage others to donate. The doctor did sale was excellent kidney. When I woke up. It's been a month since the kidney transplant and Bill says he is feeling great. Fox's Jeff monosso..

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