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Hundred percent deposit bonus at mybookie Dot AG. So you can place the mybookie people parlay with us because as you know this week where do and we're not really going to go, we're not gonNA go and succeeding. No you're made the guarantee that we won't on top of that check I made the guarantee we'd win twice on top of that. Not only are we GONNA win? At some point but why are we do this week? You ask is because the brain trust the brain trust is obviously even is really the only two people here. Agreed on something genius. Were going to bet on good teams i. know this is crazy because last week we we I actually tallied it up between the jets between the Texans between the cowboys giants under and whatever the fourth game was. They had a combined record of like three ninety out of the five teams utilize. This week. We were taking only teams with winning records. My pick I'm going Pittsburgh minus three and a half against the Brownies Pittsburgh owns the browns. The browns are good. I mean everyone owns the browns. Like you're I. Think you're forgetting because you're sucker brown and to on that anyone I mean the ravens of Pittsburgh have just smoked the browns in years past obviously so I'm going Pittsburgh mice three and a half where's that game I imagined? It's IM- Pittsburgh. So I trust Pittsburgh to win the game I think people are going to see the half and be like maybe that it's a field goal game. Games. They don't who ended field goals, but they also and in two and three and four and five field goals. So I'm going Pittsburgh Meister and half they got the defense, the offense they got a coach now. They have everything you need to win a football game by more than four point. So Pittsburgh. Absolutely despise that picks. So we're so let. My first pick Monday night little hedge opportunity loading probably won't hedge because we're cocky like that cardinals minus two and a half in Jerry world against all in. Red Head verse. Red. Jerseys the Marquee match-up of the week. Listen I. saw this and I thought kind of like the cowboys here like feel like a lot of people are going to be down on Dalton and the cowboys defense. And then I thought I'm not betting on the cowboys. We only bet on winning teams. So two and a half to win by a field goal in Jerry world thing cuyler and de hop in that entire offense puts up a lot of points I. Don't think this defense is getting it together anytime soon, give me two and a half against the dolphins are you take two and a Half Dallas? We didn't. We didn't really discuss. Dallas and we're not obviously going to discuss them in our power rankings because they won't be top five. So let's give a quick little thing. I know people are saying it's not like a huge downgrade from data. I kinda disagree with that. I think that the cowboys can still easily win the division with Andy Dolan well, I agree with that because they need four games but I think when it comes to like Dak. Prescott is much better than Andy Dolan. I think people are get this guy got chased out of cincy he couldn't even start in Cincinnati I mean he had good years. Yes five years ago he had good years. He hasn't been good in years. So I'd like to pick like. If I were going to tell you the eagles plus thirty to win the division right now would that tickle you? Know typical man I would like to hear what the giants are. All right you serious mysexy. We'll discuss my second pick in honor of betting on good teams bad teams. I'm cold minus eight against syncing. Normally I would like the bengals in the spot but I just watched since you who I thought would put up really good point against the Ravens didn't do anything. Colts have just as good of a Defense Kosher some giant plus twenty, seven hundred really that of the day I mean what are they two games back of a team led by Andy Dong. Jack the giant, her awful. They're not that bad why demos beat Dallas. Who's what has what record dude that's my point there? Two Games back. Jack Jack I'm kind of all in on that. Bet. Is Look at their schedule and go the giants of the easy of the of the schedule you realize that the Ravens. The Ravens schedule I look at it and I say, Oh, the eagles easy. Call to minus against the bengals defense can shutdown borough again I think they'll get the run game going again. Back Big Bounce back for rivers. Monte. So shame because I really liked show borough. Mitte I've ever really do not this week loser last game of the Week Fox game of the week. Joe Buck running on no sleep and ten rebels probably. We got the packers in the box. Now we said we're only going to bet on good teams. But this one we're GONNA FADE THEM.

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