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Tiny. They have a fulltime staff of to Thomas says this wasn't the first time they've been harassed in twenty four teen officials accused the observer of being a mouthpiece for the Norwegian government and that same year the FSP directly requested that. Norwegian officials close the paper down. Which officials responded that's not the way it work in the media freedom with authorities never interfere for Thomas. This fight is about a lot more than his own freedom to report in Russia. President Vladimir Putin began cracking down on independent journalism almost immediately after being elected in two thousand and ever since reporters who write critical stories have a tendency to die under mysterious circumstances. A few months ago three Russian journalists were murdered when an activist tried to investigate their deaths and potential Kremlin connections. He was poisoned, but survived the committee to protect journalists lists Russia as number eleven on its global impunity index meaning when Russian journalists are killed or attacked. It's rare for anyone to be held accountable all of this violence and intimidation of the media has huge implications for Russians, first and foremost. But Thomas says it also matters to anyone who wants to try to understand the. Shen arctic. He says the media is needed to serve its traditional role here ferreting out corruption and highlighting voices. That would otherwise get drowned out. What do we lose by not knowing more like how could that affect? I dunno decision making policy international relations by not having the information. I think the most untold stories or the consequences for the locals living in areas where big oil this moving in or where the military start to rebuild their facilities. And so so the media's role of being the voice of like indigenous reindeer herders that is what what I'm most scared that I will. We would never really we will most likely of realize it before it's too late for for many of them. And that is journalists is all about is about being insolent and being able to see a story from different perspectives. And that is more difficult to do today in Russia. There's hope you have the actor. Today, we lose the hope then it's kind of game over. So of course, we we do have hope. As a symbol of their hope. And termination, the barons observer has this Russian toy in their offices. A plastic doll with huge green eyes around read body. If you try to knock it down it. Bob's backup schooled go. Tip it over all this again comes Nelson and his colleagues and curcas have stuck a sign on the belly of the doll. That says try to tip over freedom of expression and see what happens you can people over journalists with we've always come up again for the world. I'm Amy Martin Kirkenes Norway. Amy's reporting on climate change in the Arctic comes to us through a partnership with the threshold podcast and with funding support from the Pulitzer center from Iceland and Sweden to Russia and Alaska over the past few weeks, we've been bringing you stories from the Arctic and the people who live there check out our Instagram for a recap of some of the stories and to test your knowledge with our Arctic quiz. We are at PRI the world on Instagram. It is always unsettling feeling when someone you interviewed in a war zone actually does Syrian opposition activists riot Farris with killed in the same place. I spoke with them from four years ago the area of it lib when we spoke his village from Bill was being targeted by Syrian government forces. But also by US air strikes aimed at ISIS when I asked him what it was like living there. Here's what he told me. Jhenidah? But engineer, I'll you can find on cellphones telephones them find anything we have looked his hip, but let the let we got some of us the charge like in a home Bill it's small one, but they can get us. We want them, and then it can predict themselves live like Kidman without electricity. And that's where the Skype line cut off. It was the only time I spoke with fed us late last week. We got the news that he was killed. Here's Rebecca collared with historic. In two thousand eleven like, so many Syrians rod ferris took to the streets to protest against the government of the Charlotte Saad, and when those protests turned into war ferris documented human rights violations by the government and the devastation caused by air strikes and shelling sharing it with the world in videos like this one..

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