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In way. But I'd like to refresh the memories of the American news media today with a little bit of background, which I'm going to share with you in the next hour on the Obama administration and spying because there's a lot there. Let's go to let's go to the phones. Let's go to Dave in Maryville Tennessee, Dave here on the Chris Plante show. Hey, chris. How's it going? Just great. Thank you. Yeah. You were just talking about spying. You know, what their distinction is? That is not spying if there's a court order the order was illegally, and it's it's spying either way to say that it's not spying because it's the the the NSA spying on people. It may be legal in the United States. It's spying. That's true. That's true. The reasonable breezes sort of call is I think that Trump needs to modify his presentation about the illegal immigration problem and taking taking them to the sanctuary cities and states, they should base it on logic. You should say look we have laws in this country about illegal immigration. That's what's going on our borders are being overwhelmed with illegal immigration now. Logic would dictate that there because there's some states that would are willing to accept people say, welcome a will open arms, and some people say don't we don't want them here. They're hurting our economy. We want to send them to you. And if you can't live with it after a while what you need to do is to call us up and say you'll cooperate with us, and we can deport them legally. Just imagine just imagine we lived in such a logical world, we're going to send the people who have declared a willingness and eagerness. Wherever you go. Take us with you. wlsaMcom L S WLS FM HD, two kogo news and talk. Louis station, yet has a not guilty plea for actress Laurie Laughlin this sun college scandal college admission scandal case news, I.

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