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Average. But it's just the it's the definition of racism to stereotype an entire group based on their skin color on their gender s, So it's just it's just offensive all around, and it's insulting. You know in it at the end of the day. This is why we need more veterans in Congress because we know that in the foxhole, black white brown social economic background and certainly political party. Doesn't matter. It's about mission. It's about country. It's about getting the job done. And that's what those guards men and women are focused on right now. There you go. Now. We'd love to get your thoughts. Your reaction at 51283605 90 dairy That is highly offensive. And what's the point? What is even the point of bringing that up? What? What is even the point of going there right now? Well, it's pretty interesting a tweet that a soul overnight from Scott Adams, he says. So far, Biden has refused to halt a device of impeachment. Question. The loyalty of our troops sparked an immigration crisis surrendered to China via energy policy, and he's not even on the job. Yet that zit pretty interesting observation after after rip in start, it is sick so late and hospitalizations have climbed back above 600 Travis County, Austin Public health, says 602 people with the Corona virus or hospitalized day, including 176, and I see you However, that ICU number has fallen since late last week and remains unchanged from a day ago. The number of active cases has also fallen for consecutive days. And right now there's just over 6000 of them a drop of 275 in just the past day. You have the total 61,468 cases have been confirmed What, five with 54,862 full recoveries in in Travis County. Now we do have a couple of new hubs, vaccination hubs that have been established. We'll tell you all about that coming up. We've also got business news straight ahead at 6 20 right now. 609 a time for the Rush Update the former Senate majority leader, Tom Puff Daschle. It's a Take off on rappers nicknames just slivered out of his political cave to deliver a stern warning to his fellow Democrats. Puff says it impeaching Trump is a big mistake. With control of the Senate so tenuous, it'll hamper work on crucial issues, and it will galvanize Trump supporters. Puff says that he would have preferred a censure vote. Now this proves how out of touch Tom Daschle is with today's Democrat Party. The House Democrats have passed that stupid impeachment article last week don't care. About working on crucial issues. Nancy Pelosi made up of coronavirus package for eight months or held it up just to stick it to Trump. She didn't care who got hurt in the process. The last thing these spiteful Democrats worry about is what Trump supporters think. Democrats don't care if the Trump base will be galvanized by this latest impeachment forest doesn't matter A bit to them. They're no grown ups in today's Democrat Party. The only thing that Democrats are interested in is pursuing their abject hatred for Trump and his family. They're not gonna let anybody or anything get in their way. They want Trump gone now and forever, And they're intent on making sure he could never run for public office again. And nobody gets the idea to try what he tried. This is about satisfying blood, lust, hatred and making sure this never ever happens again. Finding great candidates to hire Converium like well, trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sure, you can post your job to some job board. But then all you can do is hope the right.

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