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Keno all yard negoti due out all should do it so you saying keno house i was like no at that time i'm gonna go even deeper i forgot about this i i was was drunk drunk so at that time i heard joel ortiz and i was aware that he was a monster bright crooked i was aware that he was a monster crooked i really like 'cause i asked that negative do a song he told me he never did it so i took personal yeah that's how i used to be that's how i used to be i used to take right based on crooked coming up death road tooth yeah now he was yeah it was yeah it was so i was like all right man whatever we can do that so we start every time i will go to new york she basically wasn't feeling that i not that i wasn't feeling just wasn't like one hundred percent now i was into do whatever i was into do whatever but my first impulse my first instinct was for me and joe to do more shit okay so when when when it came like idea came up you should stay working with all of it just do it like that like okay so i was like cool i was cool with that idea too but i just knew i had to kinda like get to know dues and shit like that so what we deal was we ran idea by everybody and everybody was with it so we would just all whenever we would plan time to go to new york and then we meet up joe's create talk about forming a group won't cameron shit like that and let the internet kind of follow shit is it manifested itself organically into whatever it was going to be you know so in the meantime we'll we'll continue to do music together so the next time we did it was a song.

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