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Yeah we we. I know that it's not only me. But a lot of people who work in restaurants and customer service and a lot of people who work in cleaning. They're giving like a good surveys but we need to ensure that people can rely on the hilty Things that the government the owners of the places are taking care like if for example. I go back to work and I start to feel like I'm getting sick or I can. I need to go back to self-isolation if I don't get like a lot of people. Basic days he goes you know that now we only have three days and what happened if we will need to go back home for fourteen days and I'm not receiving more the benefit for the government. So what's going to happen with all that Things that I need to have like for pay my rent for by like food or that's a lot to think about. I mean you really you really just juggling a lot of different things up in the air at the same time. Yeah he's like. I know that I'm not the only one this. Unfortunately there's like half a million people like have problems because maybe they're not Having like two four for the government and I feel like how can be like say in. How can we rely on that? We can go back to reopen when. You're not sure you're going to have like old this report to be safe on healthy money and it's it's a lot of things. I hope you get back to work soon and I hope it's safe. And in the meantime Caroliina thank you for talking to us. Okay thank you so much story is one that I think a lot of people will Will find familiar. Caroliina Lopez was working in the Food Service Industry in Toronto until she lost her job because of the pandemic were spending a good deal of time this morning talking about the state of our economy. And what's happening in this moment the? Cbc News is next and then more on the economic fallout of this pandemic. We'll talk about opening what that means and caroline point how to do it safely. I'm Ed Galloway and this is current parents. If you're looking for some screen free family fun will you're staying home check out the story store podcasts? From CBC kids and CBC podcasts. New Story Store shorties every week. These short original and hilarious stories fit anywhere in your day from breakfast to bedtime. The story store available on smart speakers. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Good Morning I'm Matt Galloway. You're listening to the current..

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