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Fire. You're listening to ABC news. Ivo to now at NewsRadio six ten WTVN you traffic and weather every ten minutes. Mornings and afternoons on NewsRadio six ten WTVN Tuesday drives. Call now with Johnny hill. Many of the construction projects from overnight, or wrapping up Scott, including on accident entrance ramps in two seventy south at Hilliard are reopen here at the top of the hour. Also thirty three west ramp to two seventy south in Dublin is opening and watch for police in owed kind of all the cones on that west out about somebody have gone a little over time. Watch for work continuing to seventy one sixty one and eastern and just a little word cost north and south their work on the smart. Lane is wrapping up from downtown out to John Glenn international, and I seventy west broad street, gang ramps. Reopened traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens from TempStar in custody are more friends you can trust in minutes. I'm Johnny hill on NewsRadio six ten WTVN. I Rabi six first warning weather from meteorologist, Michael shaping up to be a nice one today. Mostly sunny mild behind today. Seventy six degrees. Mostly clear, cool. Tonight, the low down the fifty five and for Wednesday clowns increase during the day and some spotty rain shows up Layton a day Wednesdays high seventy eight cloudy, more scattered showers and storms for your Thursday, high of sixty seven partly cloudy for Friday with a high at seventy four weather, powered by the basement doctor. It's mostly clear now fifty two and Worthington, fifty one at your severe weather station. News Radio six ten WTVN late Monday. Columbus police released their version of video from an incident last Friday where an officer was seen punching a man ABC six is Brian magic says it originally got attention from bystander video that went viral cellphone video gone viral souls, Columbus police officer. Anthony Johnson striking Jonathan Robinson last Friday. Now CPA de releasing their own video of what happened. Back up. Bystanders are rump rate by soon. Video was seen over twenty seven thousand times. Police originally responded Friday to a report of shots fired along high Lavenu the police version of what happened includes footage from three body cams in two cruiser. Kamson is redacted Robinson. The man who was struck was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with official business. The police videos now available for you to view at six ten WTVN dot com. A name has been put to the body recently recovered from the site of river. The body pulled from this iodine river over the weekend has now been identified as forty year old Damon farmer as body was recovered on Sunday about seven miles downstream from where detectives believe he jumped into the river from Greenland avenue on may twenty seventh. Allison Wyant, NewsRadio six ten WTVN real killers, Sean greats facing a trial for the death of a fifth possible victim. Great pleaded not guilty yesterday. Marion county to aggravate a murder and other charges. Prosecutors say great killed Twenty-three-year-old Dana Lowry. Two thousand six nearly a decade before he kidnapped and killed two women in Richland County and two women and Ashland county. WTVN sports warrior, stay alive in the NBA finals winning in Toronto one oh, six one five to close within three games the two but superstar Kevin Durant out for a month with a calf injury. Returned only to suffer. One is believed to be a torn achilles and the warriors GM in tears. You'll hear that in sports at five fifteen no baseball last night for the reds Indians are clippers reds, visit the tribe in the first in the battle Ohio game site slippers in Rochester crew soccer tonight. US open Cup match against the Pittsburgh. River islands from the central Ohio Hannity reports Matt McCoy News Radio six ten WTVN. Coming up in sixty seconds on news. I five looking more news from around Ohio and today's focus on the White House, five oh, six. Now it's extended UTM shaped up to be a nice warm weather wise today, sunny mild, high of seventy six mostly clear now it's fifty one. Enjoy a more confident car buying experience. Message and data rates may apply. Earning your degree from one of the top business schools in the country might sound impossible to fit into your workload. But what if there were a business degree that further your career and gave you access to world renowned faculty leaders and mentors, all on your schedule? One that opened doors to some of the most influential CEO's tech companies law firms entrepreneurs and thought leaders and what if you could earn that degree in as little as sixteen months. One hundred percent online to find out more, text Dr two seven nine six four five. That's D R. I V E two seven nine six four five start your online MBA information management. Or business. Analytics master's program from the w p Carey school of business at Arizona State University today. Learn more about the WPA Carey business graduate programs online, text, Dr two seven nine six four five. That's D. R. I. V E two seven nine six four five. Scores of people say they felt Monday's earthquake in northeast Ohio. The four point two magnitude quake hit about a half mile from east lake. It was followed by several aftershocks, registered around two point five scientists monitoring seismic activity you're asking anyone who felt the tremors to file a report on the website of the parliament of natural resources, state medical board of Ohio will consider whether to add anxiety and autism spectrum disorder to the list for which person can qualify for medical marijuana. Eric von with standard, wellness Edison, Ford and to take it one step at a time. We're going to be happy when we wake up in one year in two years, the functioning program in the country on because we did it the right way. Conditions a qualify for medical marijuana already includes cancer and chronic pain, more than a hundred thirty cars, SUV's trucks, vans have forbid.

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