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I either there's a has four gigs of ram the model the comes into models of one model has four gigs of ram and a sixty four gig emc drive i got the one that has one hundred twenty eight gigs which retails for about four hundred dollars which is way overpriced for what it is i got mine open box for to fifty i've seen them online for three hundred which is probably okay um but i haven't even got in the best part yet this oh there's one usb port that's usb three port there is one many hd imai out on the display is incredibly beautiful to look at it great viewing angles its ip ask even though it's only 1200 by eight hundred totally usable display but you wanna hear the best part about this whole thing it has a builtin each have transceiver no no darn what's the best part it charges by usb i got a question for you lot of the tablets the do that um there's a usb jack and you could either charge or you could use the usb as a a socket for like a a peripheral can you dr there are two one for charging in one for use or their single check there is a many usb many port just like you would fire sorry usb micro like you would find on your cell phone that you use a usb micro cable to go from usb power supply net charges uh the tablet and then there is a fullsize us the three a our excellent area okay now press that's great now what was really cool about this is a it's kind of i think a little bit of a hack on technology because the charger that comes with it is actually a ninevolt usb charter which of course would destroy anything the dozen expected my guess is what they have done is they have in this may actually be legitimate i'm not a usb expert especially not with the the newer power distribution standards um but my guess is what happens when you plug it in the.

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