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With David and Alan Masters. Here's your host. It is perilous World radio. I'm David Masters Alan Masters not able to join us on the show today, but it is going to be a jam packed show because there's so much going on. And here's the interesting part of all this. With the fact that Google and Twitter and Parlor and Facebook have now banned all the fake news quote, Air quotes, Fake news You're going to be able to sort of sort things out. Maybe a little bit easier. I'm joking when I say fake news because to them what we talk about on the right in our conservative beliefs. To them. That's fake news to them that sedition But there is a report now that Trump President Trump has signed the Insurrection Act, Okay, meaning that we are now in an internal war in the United States of America. Here's what I'm reading, it says Expect, prepare for blackouts and interruptions of other services. 80 EMS, etcetera. During the next 9 to 10 days when the stuff fully hits the fan do not listen to the mainstream media instead tune into the emergency broadcast network. It sounds like that will include cellular phones. California has issued a band for travel. Listen to this. A ban for traveling over 120 Miles. That's one tank of gas there and back. So for those of you who are listening, interesting stuff is happening. These are truly perilous. Times Professor Ali foe. The orzo, lawyer of the Italian Supreme Court, reads an affidavit. With the testimony of Arturo the Aaliya. Who testifies under oath that he is responsible for stealing the United States election. Listen to this lawyer off the human way, like Catania do hereby provide following Hillary Off act as convenient in several meetings with high level Army and security services. Official Tour of the area. Forman head off the IittIe department off little numbers here has been charged by the public prosecutor of Naples for technology data manipulation and implantation of violence is in the main computer so vulnerable spot in December 20 under instruction direction off US sons working from U. S Embassy Room on the took the operation Toes, which they from the U. S election off 3rd November 2020 from significant imagine of victory from Donald Trump to job by them in a number of states, where Joe Biden was losing the vote totals. Defend that states that he was working in this kind of facility of literature on the spot and would realize it military. Great cyber WEFA Infection capabilities. Trust me switch it votes via military satellite off national tower to Frankfurt, Germany. The defendant's Where's that the data in some cases may have been switching to represent more than total voters. Images through the defendant. States is willing to testify to all individuals and entities involvement in is reaching off votes from Donald Trump. Joe Biden when he shall be in total protection from himself and his family. Defended states is security in an undisclosed location, the pick up off the original data, and they switch up on instruction to provide the evidence at court. In this matter. I hereby the claim in his where the APPO states. Facts have been stated in my presence. Okay, Now we've heard this being spoken about over the last several weeks. Mainly in the last week that this professor Alfio, there were so lawyer of the Italian Supreme Court now has verified at least I don't know if this is true, Okay? I can only tell you that this was posted on a reputable conservative site. And that's all I know. Now there are other things happening and one of the most important things and I want to play this clip. I know he's gonna play something else. But I want to play a clip. 27. This is insurgent. This is the founder of radical Left wing activist Group Insurgents USA. John Sullivan, who was at the Capitol. And filmed Ashley Babbitt, who was shot by the capital police lying in a pool of blood. Sullivan is a well known violent agitator in Utah who was arrested for violence against conservatives. Listen to what This crazy unhinged. Sullivan has to say what's going on everybody. My name's John Sullivan. I'm from solid.

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