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Forty five minutes behind I don't know what you're talking about Williams mothers I don't even know William's mother these do the program best step the person that you guys said that you would house we never said we were going to house anybody I don't even know what the best step program is do you guys have the halfway facility correct Minneapolis facilities he will be standing at your residence to the end of the year no no no no no nobody stayed here D. and I'll do the two week periodicals I do not know what you're talking about we are not living up for only here will you be there for at least six months man six months Hey Sir we have nothing to do with this okay well the best step program so you guys did you got the facility all the not leaving anybody here I'm not leaving anyone at your residence or that's what you guys have to understand I'm dropping him off on releasing him to you and your wife no you're not okay he's here with me armistice mothers these this is the family idol Mr smothers Williams mothers I don't know Williams mother yeah you will in a couple of minutes he's he's he's tired tired of these on the E. please yeah because we've been driving him around for the last twelve hours nothing to do with this I don't know anything about and why you didn't get in touch with us before we hit the road Jack my name is Lucy Liu fei from best step I'm bringing an ex con that was and nobody here now Sir I'm gonna kill you we understand that what did you say to me Sir if you need somebody here I'm going to get after you you hear that you guys need to really fix your phone I see you need to fix your phone mail we're on our way right now.

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