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Is Really you know managing? Them and their involvement right, and especially when you're working with folks who may not have a lot of deal experience, and so they don't know anything about the contours dynamics of of an emanate deal. There's issues with confidentiality in all of all of these sensitivities that are very specific and peculiar to 'em, and you have to be careful that when you're building out. A broader team, but I you probably have heard people refer to as you know being a team sport and and I'm a huge sports fan, so barring that phrase for my particular line of work always appealed to me, but it's absolutely spot on, and we talked a little bit about this Before in our conversation here that you know you just can't. There's the the issues that come up in the context of diligence, and the goes. Aces are so broad and deep and the Corp Dev professional typically has the role of meeting the overall deal. Effort can't know everything there is to know about you know all of those issues, so they have to work extremely closely with the internal experts covering all of the major functional areas to be able to effectively deal with all the issues that that come up. So that's why I do it way get by in the best way to do this is to. Kind of form a team like structured environment around emanate transactions, and you build this into India processes, and how you interact with each other, that's made up of all the the internal experts, and so even though the team members will likely report into different departments in leaders in your company needs to set up a model where in the context of emanate deal, you're all functioning in lockstep as as one cohesive team. Tom Tell me about your people, requirements, lewitt skills and experience dealer for. So well. For the Corp Dad's function, so bring people into corporate development to be the you know leaders of actions or or involved in managing the transaction. I I personally believe that funny someone with fire strategic transaction experience, ideally outside of a corporate setting is key, and I think this is especially true when you're first establishing the corporate development function because you're usually starting with one one two three people right so those people need to come in the door with a with a base of experience around. Transaction than you know I'm referring to experience at firms that of firms I mentioned before when we were talking about your external network, so people from investment banks law firms accounting firms..

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