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Is try to deal with a new weapons syllabi built by Hezbollah in Lebanon. The latest from the media lines. Charles people say are Iranian proxy has Bella has reportedly completed a new missile factory in Beirut, which could be sheltered from an Israeli attack. Do its location in densely populated area. Prime minister Netanyahu apparently shared the intelligence with US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, the top American diplomat, then travelled to Lebanon, where he conveyed the information along with a warning of the associated dangers Netanyahu previously revealed imagery, depicting what he claimed were numerous facilities in Lebanon to manufacture arms whose ranges span the entirety of Israel and can strike within feet of their intended target. I'm Charles people's air, townhall news Jerusalem. Is an analysis at the media guide dot org and townhall dot com. A survey Chinese manufacturing shows activity improved in March at a possible side government efforts to reverse an economic slowdown might be gaining traction the government statistics bureau in an industry groups, say monthly gauge rose to fifty point five on a one hundred point scale that was up one point three points from February Chinese manufacturing weaken last year as activity slowed and a tariff war with Washington along with weaker global demand, wait on exports. China's government loosened lending controls increased spending to reverse the slowdown but authorities moved gradually to avoid igniting a rising debt corresponded Jeremy house, Nicaragua Friday released another fifty people jailed for protesting against President Daniel Ortega's government, bringing the number freed since late February about two hundred in a unilateral action separate from border deal. Covering hundreds considered political prisoners. However charges were not dropped against the demonstrators who.

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