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A homicide. Just south of downtown. Overnight department spokesman says it started just before midnight after a rear end crash. The driver of one car took off on foot and was chased by a passenger in the other a fight happened in the twenty one hundred block of Aldridge avenue, south and officers arrived to find a man in grave condition. He was later pronounced dead at HCC MCI one person was interviewed and released. Anyone with information should contact police? It's not clear how the man died or what led to the crash Sloan Martin? WCTC L television station reporting that the Wisconsin man charged in the kidnapping of year. Thirteen-year-old Jamie class says in a letter from jail that he plans to plead guilty Jake Patterson replied to a letter from Caroline reporter Lura goose in which he says that he didn't want Jamie's family to quote, worry about a trial station reports that the letter was folded paper airplane and begins with the quote, high actually send this Patterson, of course, also charged with Jamie, the killing of Jamie's parents in the Tobin tax at the family's western Wisconsin home reduced by the way will join Corey Kapela with more on this coming up at ten ten this morning a guilty plea from any Eden prairie man who pulled a gun while arguing with a group of teenagers. At McDonald fifty five year old Lloyd Johnson pleaded guilty to one felony charge of terroristic threats last November Johnson began arguing with a group of teenagers inside of an Eden. Prairie mcdonalds. A cell phone video captured the exchange. In his guilty. Plea Johnson and mid it. He pulled a semiautomatic handgun from his jacket had held at at his side. He'll be sentenced in April. He's expected to receive jail time and probation. Adam Carter WC CO the seventy fifth. Minnesota boys hockey state tournament entering semi final Friday. Just a couple of hours following four close quarterfinal games in the large school class. There was plenty of relief. When Jack Johnson scored late in the third overtime to give Eden prairie three two win over lakeville south in the class to a quarterfinals had the game remained deadlocked after three extra sessions. It would have been suspended until today to allow the rest of yesterday's games to go on a scheduled instead Jensen got it passed south goaltender Henry wells who sixty three saves were too short of the tournament record Eden prairie is in the semi finals against blamed who'd be white bear lake four to two topped ranked. He Dina got by had forwarded to and the Hornets place. Saint Thomas academy who edged Duluth east three.

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