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The chemicals are easy on your skin they're not going to be damaging to your health and all the others coconut oil let me is all schools that sounds believe it or not coconut oil is a great way to add sunscreen a good amount of sunscreen to the skin that's beneficial healthy and it really does support the body is force health goes and supports the skin it's anti aging antifungal and provides protection against uv a and the uvb rays proven to do so so lotta great things to do but the product you're talking about his nose fine there's no no issues with that from what i've seen whatsoever when your hair won't cover your psoriasis is the topics the psoriasis is a skin condition a lot of people struggle with and skin conditions if you have a deficiency in omega3 fatty acids a lot of times and zinc as well a lot of times you can see things like extra psoriasis dermatitis so if you've got a lot of kennedy issues with psoriasis and a lot of times it happens on the scale would just say you know scalps rise this is is pretty minor but it can be annoying and they're saying that scalps rise this a lot of a lot of ways you've got to be really careful first one where he treated but a lot of it goes beyond in the hairline interview to aggressive about removing the thick scales you can take your hair along with the scales of the concerned about the can create bald spots with scouts risis if you're costly scratching your scout because it is you can pull your hair out actually and for using vigorous medications are salicylic acid to remove the scales it can damage your hair and causes the fallout if.

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