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Your friends. See you on it. Actually that one. I liked. I liked that one. Sweet you've ever been on a moped might man. The. Two people are listening in one of the might be a boat pit for you. Wouldn't really good to the confessions last time. So I have probably at least been on one moped jed. Yes. Yes. Oh. The word of the day is ball. Cousy ball can be to achieve bulk Uzi you place. You're nuts in a bowl of warm water than have a girl. Put a astride the bowl and blow bubbles under your balls. Rubber Ducky is optional. The sentence. Hot tub was broken. So Lee Jordan took turns in the ball Cousy. Oh, wow. Must I feel like you must love balls to, to maybe I don't really. Yeah. I wouldn't mind having a ball Cousy though. I don't know that I never. That would feel pretty good. Yeah, I probably would have that's tugged or anything. But I think like I don't warm water and bubbles. I'm going to give it to me the word of the day is the rodeo, the rodeo, the rodeo away, I guess I should wait. What that is actually love it. Ciller to the Bronco you start once again, banging chick from behind at a prearranged time. You grab her hair with one hand just as several buddies bust into the room. See hang on for eight seconds cab. Oi. Ye how oh boy. That's just rude. I mean you don't you don't invite guests prior like acknowledgement and consent. Something you've arranged with your buddies time fucking. From behind gotten. Yeah. That's it's any rate that gives you know, she's going to you're getting booked off there, buddy. That's just that's wrong for someone who's ever had any kind of sexual trauma in the past. Like you really you better know this girl's history before you try and pull some shit like that. Or you might get stabbed. It's very possible thing about it is pretty awesome. You getting this chick from behind you got her hair pulled back, you buddies bussed in and she's just like what the filing you're like, oh. Oh. Cowboy at we've got the timer? Okay. Wow. One would go. Glad you enjoy yourselves. Your buddy. Start calendar. Seriously busted Dohrn chicks, like what's a fuck you, count or much each. They come off. Oh my God. Just remember that this chick knows where you sleep. So I would I would be careful with that kind of thing. Breakdown. You like me to lose a testicle in your for something to co. For not being sure about that to really racing. It. He's looking cowboy boots on his phone. Who've actually want to be invited to one of those. I want to be one of the eight guys, I don't wanna be the asshole is doing it to the poor chick. One of the guys that come in, you know what if she's like fuck it just keep doing it. And then she's like, come on, guys, you're next, then you rich. Trying to buck off a you. I got you locked in that she locked down all the other guys like section. Now that would alien alien vagina. Fricking. Clamps Happiness. pita. This. What is called the slump BUSTER, the wet slope BUSTER? Buster. Okay. When a professional athlete FIS the dirtiest. Nastiest fattest, most disease ridden. Skank. Puts the would tour with the intent that will break up a slump. What the? I feel like there are so many things. This has to be this might be a common thing with, with that leads or or with. But I, I don't know. I hope jeeter did it. I mean the one that you heard about what jeeter certainly didn't fit that description. And what I know is that even put the wood to her, like come the fuck on come on. I feel like they're playing that it's mostly baseball players. Yes, I got my thought. Oh, sorry. Offend you. America's favorite pastime apparently isn't baseball. It's beating the slum. Getting back into the past God needed this love really open a can of worms with tear, the whole time you're describing it, I thought major league. So, yeah. The guy that was president and twenty four. With his voodoo kit. Today. The word of the day is called hot dog in a hallway boy. Oh boy. Yeah. Good. Not. I want to be. Maybe he's cracked up. All right. When laying the pipe you realize your dick isn't even touching the walls from Jonah. Kyw like tossing a hot dog in a hallway. Most frequently happens when the banging the neighborhood trick. Or if you're sling a small Dake. Micro penis, though. I don't even think that's like a hot dog. But that's the thing right? Is that a thing, but micro penis? Yeah. Let me show you. No. Exactly. The word of the day. Did your? Order of. In honor of the episode nine whatever flick number were trailing from. Star Wars day here the word of the day. Today is the Jedi mind trick when banging your partner you repeatedly shout. I am not fucking. Looking. Not real. Right. I don't know about a genitive. When you said, did I mind trick it, I, I was thinking of something that I may have tried in the past where maybe you're in the middle of doing something, something's not quite responding like you wanted. So in your mind, you're going, you will you will work he will get up and I obviously find out at that point, I am not agenda and it does not work. The force is strong definitely not strong at that moment. The force will come back strong at the most inopportune moment. True. But not when you need it when you're on a bus. Somewhere where you can't really like next to eighty year old woman cabbage. So precise. Right. So you're banging someone you're, you're basically telling him here, not fucking. Like what the hell you do it. I feel you. No..

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