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In Salem, Oregon in a place, like Los Angeles, for example, you can still get plastic bags for your groceries, but they're the thicker kind not those flimsy easily torn ones while in Salem, Oregon. They have a band going to affect today that says no plastic bags at all at large retailers. Bring your own reusable ones or get a paper bag the ban impact stores larger than ten thousand square feet until September when smaller stores will have to comply as well. There will be exceptions like putting prepared foods in plastic. More than a dozen other cities in Oregon have already improved similar rules and lawmakers are considering plastic bag and straw bands. For the entire state. Jessica rosenthal. Fox News could be time for a change. European lawmakers are voting to abolish changing the continents clocks, just like the US the European Union's. Twenty eight Member States old news that clocks forward by our spring. And then back again in the autumn. But perhaps not for long European parliament voting to scrap the changes beginning in twenty twenty one. A parliament reports say the practice no longer brings any energy savings and the departure gates may even bring health benefits at opinion survey found strong public support then become chase will now be consulted. In London, Simon Owen? Fox News in Venezuela. New thirty day plan to ration electricity. President Madero making the announcement Sunday as nationwide power outages continue also cutting off the water supply and communication sometimes for days at a time. He's blaming a US led sabotage for the power cuts, but presents no evidence. President Madero also warning against any unrest in reaction to the blackouts. There were scattered protests following a call by opposition leader, Juan Puerto who says years of government, neglect and corruption has left the electrical grid in shambles. I'm.

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