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Virgil Morningstar with Casey and Elliott furnace guy had a car dealerships used to be in Roseville for awhile frescos forwards and think of what it was all right now that Biden is the is the front runner this week you know or at least through Wednesday perhaps longer than that everybody is now getting in on the act for example I don't usually watch Saturday Night Live because it's too late for me away from my bed time however well last week we had six democratic candidates and this week it's become like my dad's favorite radio station just feel these it is now the front runner and just picked up an endorsement from Michigan's governor only days before the state's primary and makes sense to Michigan would love bite in because it kinda looks like a hand trying to touch a lady's hair if you take a look at Michigan and the upper peninsula is basically what you're looking at there that's true it does no no so it's fascinating to me is to watch what's happening behind the scenes here as we mentioned last Friday that the bill o'reilly said that was his sources told him Obama was busy on the phones getting people to drop like flies out of this race a look let's look at the timeline Peter judge out of Sunday March first okay allegedly after Obama call at any club which are out the next day Monday March the second allegedly after Obama a phone call super Tuesday is on the third and of course that means of the of the judging call much our votes could go to because I enjoy fighting right then on the next day after super Tuesday many Mike Bloomberg drops out who's indoors Joe Biden the following day was with Warren she suspends her campaign then you'd think she was gonna doors Bernie now she was indoors anyone okay and then this past the Sunday just before the next big race Pamela Harris I had already dropped out comes out in the doors is Joe Biden before the big day in Michigan and five other states tomorrow so again this is the Democrat party doing everything they can to rig the system so that Bernie gets denied the nomination form everything from from top to bottom optically think historically are one of the very first debates when they have the full the full group up there you're a Calaveras going directly after Joe Biden because he is a racist that's what she was saying because he was involved in the school busing thing when he was a county exec of new castle county in Delaware before it became a senator okay so that's the same camel Harris who just give me a high five this past weekend's he's the best guy she's ever met him he's got to be president now so here's the next theory is Joe Biden a place holder is is Joe Biden once he if and god forbid because I think president trump's going to win easily but if god forbid he would get into office with the then invoke the twenty Fifth Amendment remove Joe Biden is a very very very close to who the vice president running mate's going to be yeah I says so he's thinking or could be a full only of our pants suit actually interestingly Amy called Afshar this past weekend she kinda let the cat out of the bag.

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