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Put in my opinion is a is a a generational like talent at shortstop and whether you've got Marco Luciano coming up this year or next year or not Having a dad like that on the roster can not be a negative thing, especially if we anticipated some point. There could be a designated hitter, and it doesn't sound like it would have cost you Joey Barker. Pat Bailey doesn't seem that way. So all remains to be seen a dead The offense is something Little bit more confident. And right now, I just wonder, And I wonder how telling it will be when Farhaan decides to make a move and Scott Harris decides to make a move via trade or make a big splash on the free agent market. So we're all just kind of sitting back and waiting and again. This could be the opposite of what we saw with the San Diego Padres, where they went out. They got their big players, and it could it could have fallen flat. This could've been a disaster for them. In for a J. Preller to say, Hey, let's put all this money into these two corner infielders. And then none of your early person reporting out except all they did was going make trades for all the best pictures on the market. Yu Darvish, Blake Snell. Joe must, Grove. All added. Mike Levinger gets added last last trade deadline. So obviously the Padres are always It's more frustrating, I guess is a Giants fan to watch it happening around you. Weird Steve Kerr last week. Kind of see, like, you know, we're not there yet. We're preparing for a championship run sometime down the road effectively is what he told us. The Giants are going to say that because they're in the middle of this process, But I think we all have to believe that this isn't the year right that it's going to be once this next crop of players getting and I don't think we're waiting for Buster and for Belton for Crawford to go away. Don't think that's the deal at all. I just think that They're not going to spend that money. Even though I've got all this flexibility. It appears right now until they know what they have in their hand. A Zafar, His young talent goes, Let's get the 1 400 cut here. This one's a little bit of a longer one. But it talks about him deciding on whether or not Alex would would be a starter and how they go about signing these guys on the market. They've identified left handed pitchers that they wanted. This is from Friday, far on saying that he does view Alex would as a starter in this rotation. You know, we talked about it with some of the some of the sort of starting pitchers who could conceivably be moving back and forth between the rotation and the bullpen. And, you know, um, potentially have guys coming and being in front of them as as openers on bond. You know, in in a way, it's just, um, you know, in sure. You know, a guy who was essentially a starting pitcher, If if there is a, you know, ever a case where, you know, we think it makes sense to use an opener where you know it. That's not something that should be. Sort of held against. You know the picture from a financial standpoint and so rather than using the kind of traditional game started metric for further performance woman structure we went with this kind of ball game scenario. I mean, we view Alex as a guy who's going to start games for us, Um And again hope hope we can give him the ball every fifth day. And as we found this year when you have Sort of reliable starters. That's always going to be preferable to trying to patch together, you know, 27 outs at the front and the back of the game, so it's not a strategy that we're looking to do, But it's something that came up with a number of guys that we've been talking about contracts with not just this offseason but last off season and it's an easy gift for us because Our intention is to have these guys start. But it seems like a reasonable protection for the players. Why I thought that was an interesting comment, thereby Farhaan saying that it Zob Vesely and agreed. It's obviously much easier. When you could have a starting pitcher who you know is going to get out when he's not gonna put you into a position to Ah Ah have to go to an opener or to have to go to Ah, both guy at the back end and try to patch together 27 ounces what he's saying at the beginning or the end of the game. The goal is to have starting pitchers that can do that. However, we see and going back to the World Series last year, Blake still was doing that. They were like now get his ass out of there. He's too good. He's getting too many. Out. Sit his ass down s so so far. I'm saying, you know, the plan is Have guys be the starters is all fine and good, but I still you know you're giving Alex would have won your $3 million deal. It's an incentive deal. The hope is that he can pitch in and the entirety of the season he's dealt with shoulder problems. He's dealt with blisters on his fingers. He's pitched both out of the bullpen and as a starting pitcher, and I don't like he's made more than 30 starts all but a couple of times in his career. I'm running it down right here. 30 starts Four different times his career and he did it last in 20. Excuse me, he did. It last essentially never really started 30 games once he's pitched in 30, plus games four times in his career, So this is some will be watching. We'll hear from Alex would. On the other side. We got into a little free agent discussion. There's one the other side will hear from Alex would who met with Giants media yesterday? Actually shed some light on on last year's free agent market, saying he was almost a giant last season..

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