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L. B. K. F. M. Pollock pines from ABC news I'm Richard Cantu was slaughterhouse workers taking sick and dying in the pandemic meat Packers have been shutting down some operations president trump is ordering them to keep those plants open the president says he'll sign an order that removes meat packing plants legal liability if workers get the virus well the president has ordered plants to stay open take in the liability which frees up the entire system and I fully understand it not their fault what's not clear how the president can guarantee meat processing worker safety while ordering them to continue on the job Andy field ABC news Washington health experts say there's no way around it testing is essential in getting a hand on the pandemic National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases hand Dr Anthony Fauci commenting on the current state of testing his he says the testing issue in the U. S. is not perfect but we'll get there he also said by the end of may or early June everyone who needs a test should get a test he says that's what he's being told ABC's Tom yamas the administration trying to get five million tests today yeah it's financial institutions warning the treasury and small business administration the technical problems continue to plague the paycheck protection program warning that it's vulnerable to espionage the homeland security department is urging people to consider the risks before using the popular video conferencing program called zoom Melissa Cary officials are especially worried about China because soon did some of their development there and homeless security claims that China has access to some servers and could exploit them overnight zoom telling ABC news that the U. S. government's intelligence is heavily misinformed they claim to China's workers do not have the type of access that would allow them to spot ABC's Pierre Thomas the Charlotte North Carolina city council voted six to five to accept a fifty million dollar justice department grant for costs related to security for this summer's Republican National Convention scheduled for late August you're listening to ABC news and.

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