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The punishment that mata will usually receiving that is that the boss actually impossible. Because i will set him up to think he can bite but he can so he receives negative punishment and if he makes a bad decision. Got like yeah like you didn't get reinforced. Because i made you think that you'll aleisha was logging after each a decoy. But it's not and now we don decisions over and that would be step one and the dog goes shit. I made that happen. And that is a punishment to me. Session is getting everything taken. And then depending on the dog knowledge and where he's at and blah blah by could become physical planet like. It could be like here. He's penalty and then you get the opportunity again like there's a million ways that that could take on so many different forms but i just want people to understand why punishment it means like. Oh i'm going to decrease the frequency on the likelihood of that behavior. One way or another you know make it happen and that can take on so many different forms bounce all over the place. We haven't even answered any questions all right. Well we really went into that It's an interesting topic and one that is subjective to the viewpoints of many people in different ways. I think you mentioned a point before way. Some people give an opinion based on their experience with the dog. But they don't the experience of dogs plural. so they know it singular. They don't know the actual plural application. Because they just they lacking experience themselves in relations with the and especially with like dog behavior in general where people have given me. And i'm not talking about people who had just fly by nadh as i'm talking about people who are experienced dog man dog women i liked. I've bain around some dogs but they haven't been randall. Lauda dog so they. They viewpoint is very narrow. Where i've spoken to while the people and usually they used. Is you know leaving trying to learn something specific. I don't really care what they relatively experiences because they are the master in doing whatever they're doing. Yeah but if they have broad knowledge on things and i need access to that like on. Pick trying to pick people's brian who've been in the field for a long time and they can draw a conclusion. Ira a vast array of experiences in behaviors. We're all guilty of that. I am for sure because you can only work with the data points that you have absolutely and so when someone says this dog growling and you've only ever seen dogs growl ratio scouting you you say. That dog is resource cutting because of only ever seen that lead to that and then when we all do it. Yeah and then. When i've got ten points and now all for different things now i can say okay. I need a sick and data points. He's growling and ariz hackles up he plying. There's lots of different things that can open that up. And then when you've got ten thousand data points you can go like all right. The next step is this the next position we can get to what it's more likely to abate but we're all guilty of it because you can only work off the data points that you have only if you're trying to dogs only got ten dogs to on absolutely a funny just slightly sidestepping for a minute before we go into next topic. Have you a fan of on. Instagram mc doja. life man. You've gotta get on that. What is that. Got onto that from rogin. It's about all these fake. Masha llah and you know as teachers who they all these energy you know like people running at them and all of sudden they spiral often hit a wall and scifo and it just got me thinking of. She teaches with this students..

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